Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peace, For Now.. (Maria+Renee and some island magic)

for now…
These are  - were – the  Brennan men- Matt and  his dad Rick.  Like many father and sons,  they were  bombastic, crude, and ultra competitive.  Always trying to outdo the other one.  Typical alpha males!

Now your eyes did not deceive you; this is Matt and Rick.  Only for the next two weeks, they’ll be girls – Maria and her mother Renee.  This island paradise has some wild voodoo!

Amazing how much more peaceful and calm these two are without all that  testosterone in their blood.  Finally, there is peace in the Brennan family.  

 At least, that is until these two busty blonde babes set their sights on the same hot guy wearing that tight Speedo!


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Anonymous said...

So lovely, and they look like they could be sisters! You think I could have one island voodoo thrown my way? I could really go for some peace right now.