Saturday, January 12, 2013

Newly Created Beauties (Julie + Emily, reborn)

Newly Created Beauties

Ethan Reeves sat next to his son Jesse as his son threw down his cell phone in frustration.  Jesse had been dumped for the umpteenth time, and Ethan was  a three time loser in marriage.  

 “Dad, are we just unlucky as hell, or failures as men?”     

That struck  a chord with Ethan, then saw an ad for Dr. Wallace Kenny, a plastic surgeon who promised that with his proven methods, “any patient will seek true happiness.”  The commercial showed a comely women who now looked like a goddess, adored by her new hunky boyfriend.  The Reeves boys then made a joint appointment  to see Dr. Kenny.   

At the meeting, Kenny said he felt was unable to help them for two reasons:  “Number one, neither of you have facial features that need resculpting.   In fact, you both have fine, soft features.  Number two, I really specialize in making beautiful women through breast enhancement, tummy tucks, butt lifts, Botox, etc.  That wouldn’t help you… wait a second…  maybe I can help you… let me explain...”  

Ethan and Jesse were not ready to immediately accept Dr. Kenny’s offer, but after two weeks and still not having any luck reconnecting with their past dates, they went for it.  

 Six months later, the “creator” stood before the unclothed forms of the now changed duo.  “Thank you for letting me take a chance on the ultimate test of my plastic surgery prowess.  Tell me, how do you feel, looking at yourselves?”

“I feel like a new woman – well I guess we’re BOTH new and BOTH women now – minus the genetalia,” softly replied EMILY with a sly smile. 

 “I think our days of not getting any dates are over Mom,” cooed JULIE.  “Between the surgeries and the hormones you prescribed, lots of men will want to take us to bed.  “But you get first crack, Doc, because we plan on paying our bill to you – in style. “ 

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