Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MOTB Tales: Keeping It In The Family (Angie + Barb can't refuse)

MOTB Tales: Keeping It In The Family

“You look so gorgeous today, baby.  It’s your day,  Angela.  You’re going to be the new Mrs. Anthony Francetti,” Barbara Leone told her daughter as she wiped away tears of joy.

“I know Momma, I’m so happy!” cried Angie as she grasped her role model’s hand.  “And you look so sexy in that mother of the bride gown!”

Two years ago,  their happiness could not have been foreseen.  The mob wars in the city pitted the Francetti and Leone families against each other, just as it had since the 1920s.  The feud between the current capos, Peter “Big P” Francetti and Bruno “Tiny” Leone was sad, because the two men actually grew up friends in high school but once they became full fledged members of their squads, their relationship was forever altered. 

 That is, until it was assumed that  Tiny was “rubbed out” in a hit.  Tiny’s son, heir apparent Artie (short for Arturo) swore revenge, but he was kidnapped by the Francettis and brought before Big Peter.  P’s second in command Guido Martino, and a pretty older lady who looked very familiar to Artie, also attended the meeting.  

The lady, Barbara spoke.  “My child, you and I truly from the same cloth.  We are small in stature and overcompensate in machismo so that we can lead our troops.  But down deep, I believe, we would be better suited to be beautiful women…”

“Pops?  I don’t believe it!?” Artie gasped.

“Yes, it’s me, but please call me Momma, and listen to what we have to say today…”

In exchange for  eternal peace, Bruno would become Barbara and be the wife of the bisexual Guido.  Artie would then be altered into the lovely Angie, and would pose as Guido and Barbara’s daughter.  Big P counted on the fact that he knew that Angie would take to being a feminine sissy boy as well as Barb did; before marrying  his wife and leading the family, Peter had been in a relationship with his friend  while she was dressed as Barb.   

Big P was right.  And like any family head, Big P paid big bucks for the new mother and daughter to have all of that expensive plastic surgery!

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