Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maybe It’s the Liquor… Maybe… (or maybe Gloria + Daphne like it?)

Maybe It’s the Liquor… Maybe…
Gordon Locker whispered to his son, “So Danny, those are our dates.  Ron’s older so he’ll be with me and you get his son Dave.  Do you like what you see in front of you, dear?”

“Dad, I don’t know if it’s that little pill you had me take back in our cabin, or maybe it’s the liquor… maybe it’s…”

“Daphne, maybe it’s the horny little girl inside of you who’s ready to get her brains fucked out.  I’m so thrilled to share my secret life here with you on this cruise.  Now, please don’t slip up and call me the wrong pronoun.  We are two hot blondes -  I’m Gloria from Tucson and we’re celebrating your graduation from college.”

“Don’t worry, MOTHER dear.  I’ll  be a good girl until we’re ready to seduce our studs…”


Kyra Hyde said...

Mmmmm I could go for one of those little pills ;)

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Perhaps when you are finished with school, we'll plan our own mother/daughter cruise ;)