Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MADAME JAE'S: Princess Camp (Jessica & Mandy's royal fantasy)

Princess Camp
My name is Jessica Fontaine.  I am a ten year old girl with long black hair and I love the colors pink, red, and purple.  And the nice ladies here at Madame Jae’s Fantasy Camp have been so nice to let me try on all of these pretty clothes, and take pictures of me.  

I have never been to a camp like this before!  They don’t have us play baseball or camping in the woods, but lots of fun things for us girls to do… especially for brand new girls like me!  

Nobody calls me Justin here at Princess Camp.  That would be silly, coz that’s a boy’s name.  

This is my mom, Mandy Fontaine.  She’s really pretty isn’t she? 
 Growing up, I never knew my first mommy, as she went to heaven when I was little.   
But one day I came home from school and my Dad – his name was Matt then – was dressed as a beautiful woman with long black hair.  She hugged me and asked me to call her Mommy and to not be upset that she wanted to be a girl.  I thought she was very pretty , and also very brave to be  who she wanted to be.

  She was worried that Grandpa Vince, her daddy, might be angry with her.  I was pretty tight with Grandpa and I hugged her   and told her that I would tell Grandpa that I was OK with her being my mom.  She cried and hugged me and told me that I was her angel and that she loved me.   

And then she said that because I was so sweet that she would arrange for me to go to camp here at Madame Jae.  I’m glad she did!  Now I get to be pretty like her.   

Thank you Mommy, I love being your daughter…


Cyrus said...

This is just begging for a third part with Grandpa Vince...

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

No need to beg... ;)