Sunday, January 6, 2013

History Rewritten (2 sets of pretty sisters - but no sign of Deb)

History Rewritten
One day Deborah Palmer was full of self-congratulation.  She had taken her ex, Steve Aston, to the cleaners; and Steve’s brother, lawyer Ron, was humiliated in court by Deb’s legal sharks.  Now she would control the lives of her sons, Colin and Nicholas, and make sure that neither their dad nor uncle would interfere in her paradise.

That was yesterday.  Today, Deborah Palmer is still a rich bitch, but in a loveless marriage with no kids on the other coast.  She never met Steve in college, never had sex in his dorm, never was introduced to Ron at Christmas, never met his parents, never said yes to his silly proposal, never married him, never had two kids, and knows nothing about the joy of motherhood, much less real romance. 
How?  Well, as young boys, Steve and Ron  once found a strange but colorful necklace in the creek in the woods.  They dared each other to put it on, but they didn’t.  But there was a shift in reality, and in this new canon, Steve did try on the necklace, and suddenly there was no Steve – but a cute girl named Sandra, who had an equally cute sister named Renee.   

The sisters grew up to be beautiful women, and they were always going on dates with tall, handsome, smart guys.  At college, Sandi met her future husband, not long after he broke up with Deb, who Sandi only recalled was this self-absorbed girl in her dorm.   

George and Sandi married and they had two precious daughters, Chelsea and Natalie.  They were happy, pretty sisters , like their Mom and Aunt Renee.  Here’s a picture taken by Anthony, Renee’s law partner, and fiancé…


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Nice job as usual. Sometimes I think it's not worth commenting as of course it's wonderful.

Dee Mentia said...

Yay! Happy endings for everyone .. except for Debi! Woohoo!