Thursday, January 24, 2013

He's the Man/We're The Girls! (Jennifer+Wynona feed the beast)

HE’S THE MAN / We’re the Girls!
Wallace Ferry had some real concerns about his son Jason and who he was hanging around with at college.  “You should share a place with a jock, not some sissy ass bookworm!  He’ll show you how to be a real stud.”   

See, Wallace (like Jason) was kind of short and skinny and had never gotten over his feelings about it.   And to Wallace’s delight, the boy did get an athletic roommate.   His name was Marcellus Jones and he was an Adonis.  He played football!  He made girls panties wet, and guys envious.   

But what the Ferrys didn’t know was that Marcellus was an Alpha Spirit.  He looked 20 but was really about 2000 years old.  He got his machismo from other men.  He also happened to have a fetish: draining the male essence from a weak, unsuspecting boy, and making a pretty and passionate girly-boi about them.   

He had selected Jason on purpose, and within a month of the two sharing an apartment, they were sharing a bed.  Jason’s hair grew out, her breasts grew, her butt grew, and her waist shrunk, along with what penis she had.  She was now Jennifer, and she loved her man and was addicted to his cock, his cum, and his pheromones.

One day, Wallace decided to surprise Jason at school.  Boy was he surprised to walk in on Marcellus thrusting his huge cock into Jennifer’s ass.  He was so outraged, and  yet so mesmerized by the sight, he was unable to leave the apartment for about three weeks.  That was just long enough for Marcellus to make his second conquest.   

Now Wynona has made herself at home as Jennifer’s  stunning mother, and Marcellus’s other shemale lover.  With two to fuck  every night, his power GROWS larger…


Luna:) said...

ooh this cap is totes calling for a second one :)

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't I have had an alpha spirit roomie in college? I'd totally make a horny and obedient girly-boi loveslave.

Jodie Hyde said...

So hott! Nana this cap is amazing. I love that your image has Jason Momoa, he is so hott!

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Wow, Kitten, thanks, I really don't know Jason but I knew he was Lisa Bonet's BF. (That's her daughter with Lenny Kravitz). Jason is like 10 years than Lisa. Now THAT's a cougar! Of course, I grew up watching Lisa as the eldest Huxtable daughter - wonder if we can somehow work Phylicia Rashad into this mix ;)