Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happiness In the Big City (Joyce+Colleen's best year ever!)

Happiness In the Big City
Last year, everything went wrong for the Saunders.  Jim lost his job, and he had an emergency appendix rupture and almost died.  His wife left him to raise young Craig with no support or contact.  Their house went into foreclosure, and they had to move out of state to the city where his sister Lana lived.  How humbling.  

While Craig beat the streets for work, Lana helped Craig deal with his feelings of depression – and uncovered a need to be a girl.  To which Lana, a working cosmetologist, gave the shy boy a glimpse of the person he – she – needed to be.  Lana introduced Jim to his daughter, and he wept at how lovely Colleen was.  

“This is the first time either of us has been happy in so long,” he sobbed as Lana held his slender frame.   

“You both deserve to be happy, and happy together.  I have an idea,” she lovingly replied.  And that next weekend, Joyce emerged from Lana’s makeup chair.   

When Colleen saw her, she was happy and cried, “Mommy, we’re so pretty!”  From there, their luck had turned for the better.  

Lana got Joyce a job at her salon, and soon she’ll have her own license to cut hair, and loves the work and her customers.  She can spend time with her little girl, and even find time explore the city shopping for cute dresses.   

Colleen wants to be a model, and Joyce found an excellent photographer, Dave,  who’s pictures got her noticed by some agencies.  He also enjoys taking mother/daughter pictures, like this one.  Colleen thinks he’d make a great stepdad.

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Anonymous said...

Colleen's mom has no idea what a wonderful wife and daughter she missed out on having! Fortunately Lana recognized them and Dave properly appreciates them ^_^