Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growing up REAL Fast!! (Gina + Lana made to pay...)

Growing up REAL Fast!!
Larry:  I still can’t believe that my own dad has this secret life as a sexy woman… and how did you know I’d like it so much, Dad?

George: I know we are so much alike, sweetheart.  And now that you are eighteen, you and I can have such fun together as a pair of sexy redheaded mother/daughter shemale whores for hire!

Lana: Um, “Mom” what are you talking about?  I’m enjoying having these sweet boobs like you, and I’m kind of curious about being with a guy.   What’s the rush to make me a tranny slut?
Gina:  Well, you see, when your Dad became your Mom, she raked up a lot of bills – hormones, clothes, plastic surgery.  Not to mention paying for rent, groceries, and your school.  So Morris helped me out, but only after I agreed to be his “property” for ten years.  Lucky for me I enjoy being fucked and fucked hard!  Then I had to fix things when you and your friends vandalized those cars.  Morris paid for that too, but only after I promised to “recruit” you – basically I pimped your sissy ass out!  You’re lucky he didn’t just sell the two of us to some gangbangers!
Lana: Yikes!  Well, I guess I put you in a bad situation, Mom .  So, my cute little ass will pay?

Gina: Baby, if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll look forward to being violated up the back door!  And it’s only until you turn 21, then Morris will let us both go free , and we’ll go find some rich T-girl loving studs for us to get married to!

Lana:  Oh, I can’t wait to be a golddiggindickgirl!


Jodie Hyde said...

Oh my, I luv this one! Redheaded T-Girl Sluts, can I join the club Nana?

Supergirl10000 said...

Every parent wants their kid to get a high paying job!