Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Family Secret… Shared! (Tina's pride + joy)

A Family Secret… Shared!
The name on my drivers’ license is Tom Irvin, but for purposes of this story, please call me Tina.   I’ve been raising my sons Alex and Nick by myself for 15 years.  I also shared with them two  years ago my secret life as Tina, a crossdresser.   

The boys were never judgmental, but I never thought they’d support me like this.  For five years, I’ve been hanging with my “girlfriends” at the drag bar we frequent.  They arranged a surprise party for my 40th birthday… and that’s where I met my new gorgeous daughters! 

 “Surprise Mom!” shrieked the newly transformed Alicia and Natalie.  Damm, they really look feminine can really pass as sexy brunette young women. I guess they really are my children!   

They intended to make this a one-time trip to girlhood, but like their dad, the thrill of being pretty is too tempting.  That’s how we ended up with these sparkling dangle earrings, soft curly hair, and three blue themed gowns, low cut to show off our “inherited” décolletage.  I think the girls also inherited my appreciation for being a handsome man’s pampered princess! 


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Courtney Captisa said...

Oh this one is really good! I love how they show their support!