Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growing up REAL Fast!! (Gina + Lana made to pay...)

Growing up REAL Fast!!
Larry:  I still can’t believe that my own dad has this secret life as a sexy woman… and how did you know I’d like it so much, Dad?

George: I know we are so much alike, sweetheart.  And now that you are eighteen, you and I can have such fun together as a pair of sexy redheaded mother/daughter shemale whores for hire!

Lana: Um, “Mom” what are you talking about?  I’m enjoying having these sweet boobs like you, and I’m kind of curious about being with a guy.   What’s the rush to make me a tranny slut?
Gina:  Well, you see, when your Dad became your Mom, she raked up a lot of bills – hormones, clothes, plastic surgery.  Not to mention paying for rent, groceries, and your school.  So Morris helped me out, but only after I agreed to be his “property” for ten years.  Lucky for me I enjoy being fucked and fucked hard!  Then I had to fix things when you and your friends vandalized those cars.  Morris paid for that too, but only after I promised to “recruit” you – basically I pimped your sissy ass out!  You’re lucky he didn’t just sell the two of us to some gangbangers!
Lana: Yikes!  Well, I guess I put you in a bad situation, Mom .  So, my cute little ass will pay?

Gina: Baby, if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll look forward to being violated up the back door!  And it’s only until you turn 21, then Morris will let us both go free , and we’ll go find some rich T-girl loving studs for us to get married to!

Lana:  Oh, I can’t wait to be a golddiggindickgirl!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Proper Dress Required (Lorraine + Melissa go to work)

Proper Dress Required
Every employee of Jenkins & Jenkins, CPA, was a woman, except for the owner, Lon Jenkins, and the VP of audits, his son Mickey.  Lon was old school and insisted that his ladies wear dresses, heels, and full makeup.  It was a constant gripe, as the boss and his heir apparent got away all the time with golf shirts, jeans, and not even bothering to shave.  With revenues dropped, a sly accounting firm consultant, Vera, met with the twosome.  

 “This firm will lose all of its best clients, and best talent due to low morale.  You both need a few lessons in looking the part and in treating your staff with respect. Or your firm will not survive this economy!”

Last May (they had to wait past April 15) Lon and Mickey took a month off to attend a mastery conference on management, marketing, and human resources.  They realized the error of their lax behavior, and planned to make some radical changes.

Last summer, Jenkins & Jenkins updated their website to include bio and pictures of Lorraine and Melissa.  Now presenting themselves as mother and daughter, they are now a happy all-woman staff, and they also landed some exciting new clients.  They also now had a new problem:  these former boring CPAs now are two gorgeous girls.  For once, Valentine’s Day will be date night, not a day to finish the W-2s.  

 I wonder if you can write off heels as a business expense?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peace, For Now.. (Maria+Renee and some island magic)

for now…
These are  - were – the  Brennan men- Matt and  his dad Rick.  Like many father and sons,  they were  bombastic, crude, and ultra competitive.  Always trying to outdo the other one.  Typical alpha males!

Now your eyes did not deceive you; this is Matt and Rick.  Only for the next two weeks, they’ll be girls – Maria and her mother Renee.  This island paradise has some wild voodoo!

Amazing how much more peaceful and calm these two are without all that  testosterone in their blood.  Finally, there is peace in the Brennan family.  

 At least, that is until these two busty blonde babes set their sights on the same hot guy wearing that tight Speedo!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happiness In the Big City (Joyce+Colleen's best year ever!)

Happiness In the Big City
Last year, everything went wrong for the Saunders.  Jim lost his job, and he had an emergency appendix rupture and almost died.  His wife left him to raise young Craig with no support or contact.  Their house went into foreclosure, and they had to move out of state to the city where his sister Lana lived.  How humbling.  

While Craig beat the streets for work, Lana helped Craig deal with his feelings of depression – and uncovered a need to be a girl.  To which Lana, a working cosmetologist, gave the shy boy a glimpse of the person he – she – needed to be.  Lana introduced Jim to his daughter, and he wept at how lovely Colleen was.  

“This is the first time either of us has been happy in so long,” he sobbed as Lana held his slender frame.   

“You both deserve to be happy, and happy together.  I have an idea,” she lovingly replied.  And that next weekend, Joyce emerged from Lana’s makeup chair.   

When Colleen saw her, she was happy and cried, “Mommy, we’re so pretty!”  From there, their luck had turned for the better.  

Lana got Joyce a job at her salon, and soon she’ll have her own license to cut hair, and loves the work and her customers.  She can spend time with her little girl, and even find time explore the city shopping for cute dresses.   

Colleen wants to be a model, and Joyce found an excellent photographer, Dave,  who’s pictures got her noticed by some agencies.  He also enjoys taking mother/daughter pictures, like this one.  Colleen thinks he’d make a great stepdad.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

He's the Man/We're The Girls! (Jennifer+Wynona feed the beast)

HE’S THE MAN / We’re the Girls!
Wallace Ferry had some real concerns about his son Jason and who he was hanging around with at college.  “You should share a place with a jock, not some sissy ass bookworm!  He’ll show you how to be a real stud.”   

See, Wallace (like Jason) was kind of short and skinny and had never gotten over his feelings about it.   And to Wallace’s delight, the boy did get an athletic roommate.   His name was Marcellus Jones and he was an Adonis.  He played football!  He made girls panties wet, and guys envious.   

But what the Ferrys didn’t know was that Marcellus was an Alpha Spirit.  He looked 20 but was really about 2000 years old.  He got his machismo from other men.  He also happened to have a fetish: draining the male essence from a weak, unsuspecting boy, and making a pretty and passionate girly-boi about them.   

He had selected Jason on purpose, and within a month of the two sharing an apartment, they were sharing a bed.  Jason’s hair grew out, her breasts grew, her butt grew, and her waist shrunk, along with what penis she had.  She was now Jennifer, and she loved her man and was addicted to his cock, his cum, and his pheromones.

One day, Wallace decided to surprise Jason at school.  Boy was he surprised to walk in on Marcellus thrusting his huge cock into Jennifer’s ass.  He was so outraged, and  yet so mesmerized by the sight, he was unable to leave the apartment for about three weeks.  That was just long enough for Marcellus to make his second conquest.   

Now Wynona has made herself at home as Jennifer’s  stunning mother, and Marcellus’s other shemale lover.  With two to fuck  every night, his power GROWS larger…

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rational Decision (For Jillian + Natasha, it's easy being well, easy)

Rational Decision
Jason and Nicholas Griffin had to make a difficult decision.  Do they attempt to return to their prior lives as father and son, on the run from the evil men who wish to see them dead?  Or do they continue to pose as women – mother Jillian and daughter Natasha?
Let’s listen in to their private conversation…

“See… I told you, honey.  Once you feel him cum in your ass, the female hormones kick in, and you have the most incredible orgasm ever.”   

“Oh my God, Mom, I felt like I was exploding all over!  Who knew that sex as girls was so…”

“Fucking wonderful?  To think that we thought that we’d be dying to get our male lives back!”

“As if!  Not when we have these awesome tits, and those sexy clothes.  That reminds me, we better get back to the bungalow and get ready to hit the clubs.  We need hard cock tonight!”

“The only question is… will we have our own personal stud muffin, or maybe share a man?”

A month later, the agent assigned to Jill and Nattie learned first hand how interested they were in staying the way they were.  And he didn’t show up back at HQ for about three days.  Lucky bastard…


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Inaugural Ball (The First Family is Femmed and Fabulous!)

Sometime in the future…
As the NIH and CDC attempt to uncover the reasons for the sudden DNA transformations that have given males in select families unexpected gender reversals, President West will go through with this historic inaugural & second term, while the West family also copes with their lives changed forever.

ANDREA: You know, I could get used to these dresses they feel nice against my now softer skin.  But I’m still not used to call you my daughter or calling you my mother.

STEPHANIE: You could just call me Madame President.  You don’t think I’m showing too much boob?  What will the press say?

KAITLYN: They’ll say my new grandmother is the hottest chief executive ever.  But I have a question for you and Mom – who will ask us to dance tonight?  The Secret Service guys?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Corruption Has It Benefits (Just ask Brie+Juliet)

Corruption Has It Benefits

"John… I found this… pornography… on our son Bradley’s laptop.  Care to explain where he got this from?”

“Patricia, you’re as sneaky as ever.  I’m so glad our divorce is final and custody is secured.  To answer your question, that is most definitely not porn.  What this is my lovely daughter Brie, posing for a mother/daughter photo.  Look at her legs.  My little girl is growing up so fast!”
“What the… that’s no little girl, that’s MY son.  And that’s you… You little… FAIRY.  Corruption of a minor, eh.  I think I’ll call social services and report you as…?”

“As a caring parent?  As one who has recognized their child’s true gender identity?  Guilty as charged, bitch.  I have all of this documented with my lawyers, including the papers I filed to changed both our names.  Call me Juliet now.  The child you neglected during our marriage has no use for you now, and I delight in her calling me her MOTHER.  Not you, Patricia.” 

Patricia faints at the news.  Young Brie walks in the kitchen and sees her birth parent passed out on the kitchen chair.

“There’s my laptop!  Oh, she found my favorite of the two of us, Mother.  Our legs look so sexy together, don’t you agree?”

“I so agree, my darling.  And thank you again for encouraging me to dress up as a woman.  I enjoy matching your style.”

“Oh I so enjoy corrupting you, mummy!”


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maybe It’s the Liquor… Maybe… (or maybe Gloria + Daphne like it?)

Maybe It’s the Liquor… Maybe…
Gordon Locker whispered to his son, “So Danny, those are our dates.  Ron’s older so he’ll be with me and you get his son Dave.  Do you like what you see in front of you, dear?”

“Dad, I don’t know if it’s that little pill you had me take back in our cabin, or maybe it’s the liquor… maybe it’s…”

“Daphne, maybe it’s the horny little girl inside of you who’s ready to get her brains fucked out.  I’m so thrilled to share my secret life here with you on this cruise.  Now, please don’t slip up and call me the wrong pronoun.  We are two hot blondes -  I’m Gloria from Tucson and we’re celebrating your graduation from college.”

“Don’t worry, MOTHER dear.  I’ll  be a good girl until we’re ready to seduce our studs…”

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MOTB Tales: Keeping It In The Family (Angie + Barb can't refuse)

MOTB Tales: Keeping It In The Family

“You look so gorgeous today, baby.  It’s your day,  Angela.  You’re going to be the new Mrs. Anthony Francetti,” Barbara Leone told her daughter as she wiped away tears of joy.

“I know Momma, I’m so happy!” cried Angie as she grasped her role model’s hand.  “And you look so sexy in that mother of the bride gown!”

Two years ago,  their happiness could not have been foreseen.  The mob wars in the city pitted the Francetti and Leone families against each other, just as it had since the 1920s.  The feud between the current capos, Peter “Big P” Francetti and Bruno “Tiny” Leone was sad, because the two men actually grew up friends in high school but once they became full fledged members of their squads, their relationship was forever altered. 

 That is, until it was assumed that  Tiny was “rubbed out” in a hit.  Tiny’s son, heir apparent Artie (short for Arturo) swore revenge, but he was kidnapped by the Francettis and brought before Big Peter.  P’s second in command Guido Martino, and a pretty older lady who looked very familiar to Artie, also attended the meeting.  

The lady, Barbara spoke.  “My child, you and I truly from the same cloth.  We are small in stature and overcompensate in machismo so that we can lead our troops.  But down deep, I believe, we would be better suited to be beautiful women…”

“Pops?  I don’t believe it!?” Artie gasped.

“Yes, it’s me, but please call me Momma, and listen to what we have to say today…”

In exchange for  eternal peace, Bruno would become Barbara and be the wife of the bisexual Guido.  Artie would then be altered into the lovely Angie, and would pose as Guido and Barbara’s daughter.  Big P counted on the fact that he knew that Angie would take to being a feminine sissy boy as well as Barb did; before marrying  his wife and leading the family, Peter had been in a relationship with his friend  while she was dressed as Barb.   

Big P was right.  And like any family head, Big P paid big bucks for the new mother and daughter to have all of that expensive plastic surgery!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Family Secret… Shared! (Tina's pride + joy)

A Family Secret… Shared!
The name on my drivers’ license is Tom Irvin, but for purposes of this story, please call me Tina.   I’ve been raising my sons Alex and Nick by myself for 15 years.  I also shared with them two  years ago my secret life as Tina, a crossdresser.   

The boys were never judgmental, but I never thought they’d support me like this.  For five years, I’ve been hanging with my “girlfriends” at the drag bar we frequent.  They arranged a surprise party for my 40th birthday… and that’s where I met my new gorgeous daughters! 

 “Surprise Mom!” shrieked the newly transformed Alicia and Natalie.  Damm, they really look feminine can really pass as sexy brunette young women. I guess they really are my children!   

They intended to make this a one-time trip to girlhood, but like their dad, the thrill of being pretty is too tempting.  That’s how we ended up with these sparkling dangle earrings, soft curly hair, and three blue themed gowns, low cut to show off our “inherited” d├ęcolletage.  I think the girls also inherited my appreciation for being a handsome man’s pampered princess! 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Newly Created Beauties (Julie + Emily, reborn)

Newly Created Beauties

Ethan Reeves sat next to his son Jesse as his son threw down his cell phone in frustration.  Jesse had been dumped for the umpteenth time, and Ethan was  a three time loser in marriage.  

 “Dad, are we just unlucky as hell, or failures as men?”     

That struck  a chord with Ethan, then saw an ad for Dr. Wallace Kenny, a plastic surgeon who promised that with his proven methods, “any patient will seek true happiness.”  The commercial showed a comely women who now looked like a goddess, adored by her new hunky boyfriend.  The Reeves boys then made a joint appointment  to see Dr. Kenny.   

At the meeting, Kenny said he felt was unable to help them for two reasons:  “Number one, neither of you have facial features that need resculpting.   In fact, you both have fine, soft features.  Number two, I really specialize in making beautiful women through breast enhancement, tummy tucks, butt lifts, Botox, etc.  That wouldn’t help you… wait a second…  maybe I can help you… let me explain...”  

Ethan and Jesse were not ready to immediately accept Dr. Kenny’s offer, but after two weeks and still not having any luck reconnecting with their past dates, they went for it.  

 Six months later, the “creator” stood before the unclothed forms of the now changed duo.  “Thank you for letting me take a chance on the ultimate test of my plastic surgery prowess.  Tell me, how do you feel, looking at yourselves?”

“I feel like a new woman – well I guess we’re BOTH new and BOTH women now – minus the genetalia,” softly replied EMILY with a sly smile. 

 “I think our days of not getting any dates are over Mom,” cooed JULIE.  “Between the surgeries and the hormones you prescribed, lots of men will want to take us to bed.  “But you get first crack, Doc, because we plan on paying our bill to you – in style. “ 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

MADAME JAE'S: Princess Camp continues (Violet ascends to the throne)

Princess Camp
 I sat upstairs when Grandpa came over to Mommy for the first time.  Mommy wasn’t sure if he would upset, but she did give me a pretty new dress so he could meet  his granddaughter if he wanted to.   

They seemed to talk forever and then I heard Mommy cry and then she called for me to come down.
I slowly came down and I saw Grandpa smiling and wiping a tear away as he hugged Mommy.  I jumped in their arms and gave them a million hugs and kisses!

That night at dinner, he asked Mommy and I questions about Madame Jae’s and Princess Camp.  Mommy winked at me and asked me if I would like to have a Mommy and a Grandma!  I said I would love to see how pretty she would be.   

This is my brand new Grandma, Violet Fontaine.   

Mommy said, “You know Mother, you have the same lovely black hair that both Jessica and I do.”  

 Grandma smiled at Mommy and said, “That’s because we’re princesses.”  

 I’m so happy that we can all be princesses together – and wouldn’t it be cool if all three of us could find a Prince Charming? 

“I wonder if one day, I’ll have a boyfriend as handsome as Mommy’s or Grandma’s…” :)
From left to right:
Violet Fontaine - 55
Mandy Fontaine - 32
Jessica Fontaine - 10