Sunday, December 29, 2013

Prize Fulfillment (Sasha + Jane play to win!)

Prize Fulfillment
Jack Taylor entered every contest and promotion he could.  And when he and his son Steve went to claim their prize from Snapz Studio, they were shown the fine print: they had won a mother-daughter makeover and photo-shoot, along with the $10 grand prize.  Figuring they would walk away, the Snapz PR team was shocked – they accepted the prize!

“Looking pretty foxy over there, MOM!” giggled the now sweet and femmed SASHA.

 “Not bad yourself,” cooed the elegant and sexy JANE.   “I must say, I love how this feels – right down to the frilly lingerie!”   That got both of them giggling and blushing.

By the  way – LADIES,” the Snapz executive said while seething, “the contract requires you both to pose for advertising with the winners of our father-son contest, and they are dressed in three piece suits, while you both are in cocktail dresses.” 

“Yummy,” the new mother and  daughter sighed in perfect harmony.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just A Taste… (the sweet nectar of being girls, right Nellie + Claire?)

Just A Taste…
“Daddy! We both got long hair, like Mommy had,” chirped Nicholas Clay to his single dad, Charlie.  “Did this yummy lemonade turn us into girls like you said it would?”   

“Take a look at these, baby,” grinned Charlie as he showed his only child that his father now had some nice boobies on his chest.  “And you already looked so adorable as a girl, Nellie, but now you are the prettiest little girl I’ve ever seen.  Got a
boyfriend yet, babe?”   

That made both new mother and daughter giggle.   

Then Nellie gasped, “Mommy!  Your tatooo used to say JENNIFER but now it says JEREMY!”   

Suddenly, Claire’s mind shifted along with reality.  Jeremy is – was – Jen’s twin brother.  Six years ago, Charlie and Jennifer were married and had a baby boy.  But if Charlie had been Claire from the beginning, then it
would been Jeremy who…  then it hit her!  

 “Nellie, Uncle Jeremy is your daddy now, and I’m his wife. I know that
your Aunt Jenny is looking down on the three of us, smiling,” Claire sighed as she and her pretty daughter finished their sweet drink! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Drama “Queens” (Danni + Gloria and a certain prop)

The Drama  “Queens”

JEREMY:  Ummm   Mr. Walsh, why are you dressed like a housewife, and why is David dressed like a hot girl as well – and what are you doing to…

GREGORY:  What I am doing, Jeremy, is showing you some method acting.  You know, in my role as the college’s drama coach, I am showing my son David how to fully immerse himself in the role of a sexy coed, so that you and Danielle will be comfortable as Lord and Lady MacBeth in the play.  We only have a few weeks to practice.

DAVID: Well, that’s not 100% true.  Dad and I have been dressing as slutty brunette mom Gloria and daughter Danni for years now.  And Jeremy, you know that I have had the gorgeous cock in my mouth and my ass ever since our first “dress rehearsal”   Now relax, stud, and just let my sexy new mother have her way with you. 

GLORIA:  Consider this a little private tutoring, young man.  Just get yourself into character – a strong bull of a male with two sultry vixens who want you.

DANNI:  Mom, you better save some of his cum for me after “intermission.”

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Babes In Joyland (Dina's family have holiday bliss) MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Babes In Joyland
Darren Crawford  had to bribe his sons Chad and Scott to dress as girls to go along with his own drag disguise – they were posing as Dina, Caitlyn and Shay, the manufactured wife and daughters of Darren’s neighbor, Jeffrey Reed.

The Reed “girls” were being introduced to Jeff’s senile old grandma, who wanted to see the lifelong bachelor with family so that he wouldn’t be excluded from the will.  Jeff promised Darren that he would give help him pay off the mortgage, and then agreed to buy  both boys the new video game system.

“Jeff, honey, the girls and I have a gift for you.  We love the way we look and feel.  Caitlyn and Shay have never been closer than as sisters, and Caitlyn actually has been asked out by a young man…”

“Mom!  It’s just to see a movie…”

“Sis, I can’t wait until I’m your age and Mom and Daddy let me date!”

“It won't be that long, baby.  Jeff, our gift is that you don’t need to pay us.  You just need to love us and make us your family.  And I love being a mom of two girls.  Say, wanna go for a third, handsome? ;)


Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Card (with a shout out to Courtney's Clean Caps)

A Christmas Card:  
A Mother's Love Is Forever

Dear my darling Valerie,
Sixteen years ago, your father George sat alone in his apartment, pulling his hair out wondering how could a single father raise his son Victor without the love of his life, as God took her away from us.  Ten years ago, little Victor told his dad that he wanted to be a pretty little girl and grow up to be as beautiful as the picture of the mommy in heaven that sat on Daddy’s dresser.

“But son, that’s actually a picture of me, after the ladies at the salon dressed me up.  How about you and I become girls together?,” I asked as I hugged you.

This Christmas, we’ve been girls for ten years now.  You were the maid of honor at my wedding, and soon I’ll help you buy your senior prom dress so that you can amaze Jimmy the way I did your step-dad.  Our love of girly things – and of handsome men – is only surpassed by our love for each other – both as mother and daughter, but as each other’s best friends.   

Merry Christmas, my sweet baby girl.

Your loving mother, Grace

Annie sez:
This cap use the image (and a line of text) from a great caption from Courtney's Clean Caps - see the original cap here.  I just want to acknowledge this :)  


Saturday, December 21, 2013

HEAD START part 2 (with the requisite "happy endings")

Head Start
Starring Glenda (Dad) and Nora (Son)
 On behalf of every girl here, we want to see you two show us far you have come in your quest,” cooed the blonde MILF to her new friends, Glenda and Nora.   

Manny grinned as the redheads kneeled down knew to each of his powerful legs – face to face with the black mamba.  

Glenda winked and said “Go for it, baby girl.  Show me what you learned from playing with our toys.”   
Shyly at first, the college aged tranny licked the shaft and the head of Manny’s cock.  Taking her painted hand, Nora gently gripped his cock as she started to deep throat Manny.   Glenda (and the rest of the party guests) gave encouragement; simultaneously, the T-MILF began to massage Manny’s balls as she licked her lips.   

That was her daughter’s cue to share.  “Mom, it’s your turn now.  He tastes SOOO good,” she winked.

Nora swung the cock over to her father turned mother; Glenda’s lips were in the classic “O” position to accept the chocolate colored organ into her face.  Her tongue rolled on his cockhead as if she had been sucking cock since she was Nora’s age – but everyone in attendance knew that she and her son/daughter were breaking through the glass ceiling.  

 “Shit – you sissies are great,” chortled the stripper.   

“We’re girls, stud,” said Nora seductively as her Mom swallowed his 8”.  “Mommy and I, we’re real sluts now.”  The ginger shemales were now fully locked into their identities.

“Hey, Manny,” shouted Ryan, the buff white boy wearing glasses and a 10” hard-on, “I think these new girls need some more practice sucking cock. “   
“Cool, bro.  Try this cougar out, and I’ll give the little lady here a second go-round,” laughed his buddy.  

 “Hi stud,” Glenda said seductively.  “I’ll make you hard – if you promise to unload your cum all over my face.”   

“Fuck yeah!  Score bro!”  whooped Ryan as he and Manny fist-bumped.   

Nora & Glenda fed off the cheers of the bachelorette party and gave magnificent attention to their hunks’ love muscle, and on cue, the boys drenched the gingers in a messy blitz, and on que, the shemales shot their loads.  An hour later,  mother and daughter chose Manny & Ryan to take their femme ass- virginities, back  in the master bedroom!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Head Start part 1 (Nora + Glenda are studying... hard *giggle*)

Head Start
Starring Glenda (Dad)  and Nora(Son)

Gordon Brown never would have believed that his own son, Neil, would love to dress in drag as much as he did.  The day that Glenda and Nora met, there was an immediate mother-daughter bond.  It empowered them both.

Which is why they found themselves here, at a rowdy bachelorette party.  A long time friend thought they would enjoy a hen party in femme roles.  After all, they looked so incredible with their bright red hair & sexy legs.  But there would be a catch:  the bridesmaids had arranged for strippers.
Male strippers, who were going to letting all of the girls – the Browns included – have their way with their enormous, bulbous man-roots.  Glenda and Nora were tucking their tiny penises under their silky panties.  But now they were going to be up close to all of those dicks.  They were somewhat nervous.

To make things worse,  Nora was feeling a bit tipsy from the wine and the shots that the other girls were cheering her and Glenda on to down – and she had made a mess of her cute frock.  It was drying on a line outside – leaving Nora in her Maidenform bra and panties.  Her dainty little dick was slightly more in danger of exposure than Glenda’s – that is until “Mom” spread her legs in a very unladylike manner.  Her flesh colored panties were looking a little damp.  All of this SEX was getting to her, and most of the guests knew there was not a real vagina underneath those panties.   

But no worries, as most of the girls here knew about the Browns’ disguises.  Turns out, so did the strippers.  As Manny fed his massive cock to the topless maid of honor, the tipsy ginger T-girls whooped & cheered like the other horny bitches at the party.  Then the stacked blonde to their right (the blonde slut’s mom) requested that Manny bring that thick COCK over to their couch…

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Their Home Team Pride (3 gen of football stars become Southern Belles)

Their Home Team  Pride
In the Deep South, high school football rivalries can bring a team together, or pit families vs. families.  The Pruitts and the Samuels are two such families.  Patriarch Lewis played for West County Blue Raiders, as did his son Mike,  and grandson Colin was the WCHS quarterback last year. 
For 40 years, Roger J. Samuels was Lew Pruitt’s friendly rival, and a Samuels (son R.J. and grandson Tripper) always lined up on Homecoming Saturday against a Pruitt on the gridiron – often with a wacky bet at stake, designed to embarrass  the defeated family. 
This year, the Samuels thought they had the best prank; the losing Pruitts were to dress as a bridal party and pose for wedding photos.  Little did the Samuels know that their targets of scorned actually had a another cherished tradition: “Lana”, “Melody”, and “Candice” often got together to glam up.  

The beautiful bride, her glamorous mother, and elegant grandmother (dressed in WCHS blue, of course) smiled and posed fiercely as the Samuels’ boys gawked at the three shapely blondes.  The T-girl trio would relish going “1- 1” with their handsome dates – for these Blue Raider babes, victory was certain.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Talk: The Best Birthday Ever (Alyson + Doris unwrap some packages)

The Talk: The Best Birthday Ever
Anthony Morgan loved the sensation of the light breeze blowing up his skirt, and brushing the silken panties that covered his male organs.  He was aware that the bright pink heels pushed his normally flat buttocks into a curvy, girlish roundness.  And his hair extensions lay across his now prominent bosom.  His lifelong fantasy of being a beautiful, desirable young woman was coming true, thanks to a benefactor that he couldn’t believe shared his passion  - his own father, Dr. Douglas Morgan.

Tonight, they were both in drag , as Alyson and Doris, a brunette mother-daughter duo walking into Fireworks, the hottest nightclub in town.

“I’m glad we picked the flair skirt for you, Aly.  I know how excited and aroused you must be.  Trust me, even after several decades, the thought of being a man made up like a curvy whore is so erotic.  Now don’t worry, honey, my guy Stan has invited his own son, and they both know our secret.  By tomorrow morning, we will be waking up in their beds, having been treated like queens – pardon the pun.  I promise, your mouth will be dry, your bottom will be full of cum, and you will feel so wonderful.”
“Wow, this 18th birthday gift is the best EVER.  What a great mom you are! I can’t wait for our studs to tease and please us all night long, Mom!”

Saturday, December 14, 2013

MADAME JAE’S: The Imperfect Birthday Gift (Caroline + Lucy are party girls)


The Imperfect Birthday Gift
As usual, Leo Wagner was befuddled as to why his father Carl had that usual sourpuss attitude.  He knew that Cliff liked to cross-dress and that’s why he thought a great 55th birthday gift would be two weeks en femme, courtesy of Madame Jae’s.  Leo/Lucy was having a blast – so what’s up with Cliff AKA Caroline?

Caroline: That was pretty rude of you and your gentleman friend to come barging into our hotel suite without even a knock.  I had no time to cover my newly acquired breasts!

Lucy: And I got a pretty great view of them, Mom! As you were on all fours, getting drilled from behind by that man you were dancing with last evening.  I’m sorry to have barged in with Gary , but I had no idea you and him had decided to come back to the suite for a little action!  Hey, next time, let me know next time!  This is all new for me!
Caroline: Darling, I’m as used to being a “natural” C-cup any more than you.  That Jae Juice they’ve been serving has really affected us.  I never knew you had an interest in my little drag deviant fantasy!  So… do you and… Gary… did you really?

Lucy: I think we did everything you and your man did last night Mom, just in his hotel room.  I’m sure everyone could hear my screaming!  I can’t believe how wonderful it was to have him make love to me.  I never expected this to be any more than just a dress-up show.  But I felt so much like a beautiful passionate, woman.  And now, to share this feeling with you, I feel so (sniff)…

Caroline: Oh that’s wonderful Lucy (sniff).  I think our experiences have brought us closer, now that we are acting like any mother and daughter.   Thank you for this wonderful birthday gift!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Mom and Daughters get a Fresh Start (An adorable quintet of cuteness!)

Mom and Daughters get a Fresh Start
Jim (40): Thanks so much for helping your step-brothers become your pretty little step-sisters, Alyssa.  I couldn’t have done it all by myself, you know.

Adam (16):  Awww, Dad, you’re the one who taught me how to make myself over into a sweet little thing.  Before Mom passed away, you used to take the six year old version of me out, and treated me to cute dresses and shoes!  Then “Mary” took over your life, told you to be a man and made us purge every single feminine thing we owned.  I’m so glad you and your lawyers sent her packing.
Judi: I know, I know, but without her, we’d never have Ryan, Nicholas, or Christopher in our lives.  But she was so controlling, and then she had an affair with her conniving boss!  She won’t be out of prison until my new daughters are out of prison.  By then, Regina, Natalie, and Camille will be in high school.

Alyssa:  Mom, they already confided in that they were scared of Mary, and they love having you as their new mommy.  I told them that as their big sister, I want to be there for them as they grow into beautiful young women.  You know, one day it will be these hotties going out on dates with cute guys from high school.
Judi: Just like someone else I know who’s grown up to be quite the looker.  I really like Brandon, sweetie; he’s handsome and polite.

Alyssa:  And a great kisser! (giggle)  Now Mom – you need to get out of the house and find a nice man to take you out on the town.  It’s time for you the be the happy housewife!  Hey girls – don’t you want see our Mommy as a beautiful bride, and us four as her bridesmaids?

Regina (7):  Oh yes, Mommy!  That would be so, so AWESOME!!

Camille (5):  I want to be the flower girl, Mommy!  Or a mermaid!

Natalie (9):  Alyssa, Mom - can you show me how to walk in heels?

Judi:  Wow – looks like we’re all going to have the time of our lives! :)