Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trina Comes Around (with the help of Bess and two skimpy bikinis)

Trina Comes Around
Todd Francisco didn’t want anyone to look at him – or his dad, Bruce.  The changes that happened to both of them, as a result of their exposure to the strange radition – it freaked Todd out.  He was now growing BREASTS, and girlish hips! 

And so was Dad!  After six months, the final indignity – totally female.
Todd was a girl ,and Bruce was a woman.  Bruce was upset but he knew his – her duty as a parent – a father who was now a mother – was to prepare for her new life – and to be a role model for her DAUGHTER.

“Smile, Trina!”  Trina was still pissed, especially after Mom had insisted that they both wear these skimpy bikinis.  And now Bess was actually DATING a guy.  Trina felt betrayed.

This last about three days until Scott appeared, and he was smitten with the pretty teen.  Soon, she relaxed and all of her angst melted away.

“Oh, he kissed me Mom, and… I really liked it, I liked it a lot!”
Thinking of her last date and the passion they shared, Bess hugged Trina and whispered to her child, “It will only get better, baby…”


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