Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Wilson Girls Talk About SEX!!! (Among other things... like you care ;) )

The Wilson Girls Talk About SEX!!!
Dennis:  OMG, Grams, you actually slept with Mr. Hollingsworth?

Jonas:  Why sure, and when he was younger he was quite virile...

Wayne:  Now, sweetie, it’s up to you if you want to explore your sexuality while dressed.  But you should at least go on a few dates and learn what both Mother and I have learned about being a pretty lady.

Jane:  Wanda, the girl will be a natural, just like you were.  I can remember how loud you and your first boyfriend where that night.

Darcy:  Oh do tell Mom. Are you more of a screamer or a moaner?

Wanda: Very funny, Darcy.  Now look, your grandmom and I have boyfriends who are kind and sweet and...

Jane: Are quite studly...

Wanda:  But more importantly, Mother, they treat us wonderfully.  You want to look for that in a man.

Darcy:  Oh I’m definitely going to look for the right guy.  Not some jerk who wants take me to bed and never call me back.  He’ll respect me or else.  I’m a Wilson girl, and we only deserve the best, right ladies?

Jane:  You’re damn right, honey.  I think you’ll find what you are looking for... just follow our lead, Darcy!

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