Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Recruits (Patsy "enrolls" with Taylor)


Tanner College was pretty progressive in its GBLT policies governing college programs, which extended to athletics, and in the case of Travis Polley – cheerleading.  Travis had already made the choice to be a sissy shemale, and TAYLOR joined the Prentice High School cheer program as a sophomore.   

By her senior year, Taylor was not only team captain, she was the quarterback’s girlfriend.  Her 18th birthday was the week before homecoming, and she celebrated with her guy going “under” her anal “center.”  The next week, she was all business as she was trying out for the Tanner recruiters.

Patsy Polley, Taylor’s mom, had a lot of questions for the lead recruiter, Coach Marc Jarvis.  Marc assured the concerned parent that Tanner was very TG friendly, and that several trans-girls had previously been members of the squad.   

Patsy seemed pleased, but she had one more “hard” question for Marc; would their be any place at Tanner for a slinky, seductive blonde T-MILF her age? 

If you hadn’t guessed by now, Patsy (born Pete) was Travis’s dad, but the Polleys now had a tight mother-daughter relationship.  Speaking of tight, Patsy screamed for more as Marc’s fat cock pressed into her tight asshole.  Taylor walked in on Marc fucking her mom, and knew she would be a Tanner girl from that point forward!

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