Sunday, December 9, 2012

Selma Comes Home (for Emmy and for herself)

Selma Comes Home
“So, Dad, Aunt Julie told me that when you were my age, you won a womanless beauty contest at school,  She even showed me pictures.  You really did look like a pretty girl.   Aunt Julie agreed, so made me over as a pretty girl while you were  traveling for business last month.  Like father, like son, huh?”

Scott Clemmons silently looked at the pictures that his son Eric gave him.  Eric looked as pretty as a 18 year old girl as Scott had back in the day.

“You’re gorgeous,” Scott smiled.  “So, what did my sister call you like this?”   

“Emmy.  She said she named you Selma.   She also said it’s time for Selma to come back out of the closet, and to come home, so you and I can be girls together.  Say yes – MOM.”

Julie was wise, she knew that my passive nature was not cut out for being a “tough guy,” and my soft features and slim figure favored me – and Emmy.  

A year ago, my sister welcomed us to her place on the shore – not back as her brother and nephew, but as her little sister and niece.  I flourished as a proud mother, so proud of my new daughter Emmy.  We eventually both had surgery and took hormones which brought our latent femininity out of us.

We both found our passion by finding lovers.  Em fell hard for a local college boy; it turned out that Will’s uncle was Rick, a hunk I kissed 21 summers ago.  This year, he gets more than a kiss from me!

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