Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Heard You... (and may your Xmas be magic!)

Santa Heard You…
BFFs Scott Drake and Jeff Fowler  were college roommates and budding T-girls.  They had each others back when it came to help through transition, dealing with school, shopping, men, and more yummy men.  Now living full time as Shannon and Julie, they both hated the fact that their dads we upset about “losing” their sons to girlhood.   

“I wish they understood how we feel,” sobbed Shannon as Julie stroked her hair in the tiny off-campus they  shared.  

 “Sweetie, I know.  Well, maybe Santa is listening and he can make our wish come true.”  

 They simply fell asleep in Shannon’s squeaky bed.  When they awoke, they were shocked to be at the home of Julie’s dad, Howard.  They were no longer shemales, they were beautiful genetic girls, and they were not alone.   

At the top of the bed were two lovely ladies who looked real familiar.   It was Howard Fowler and  Ben Drake – and the Christmas magic had changed them as well.

 “Girls – I know you are both bushed from studying and your long trip here”  Beverly cooed, “But Holly and I are ready to open presents and make a great dinner .  Your stepdads will be starved, and aren’t your dates Ken and Leo coming by?  See you downstairs, loves.”   

Julie and Shannon shrieked in incredulous joy, “Thank you Santa! Thank you Santa!”

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