Thursday, December 27, 2012

Project: XLR (Margaret + Dina are hotties after drinking the "Kool-Aid")


Matthew Jones and his son David both really understood the gravity of their situation.  The mob would hesitate to take them out for witnessing the hit they placed on their neighbor, the indebted accountant.   

But how can two All-American guys even being to accept life as mother and daughter?   Sure, the surgery and the new clothes helped, and going through the change together would  bond them.  But the Feds had a secret weapon, a biochemical compound called the XLR, a substance that not only changed their gender, it changed their attitudes.

“Dina, I can’t believe you caught me giving Agent Wilcox a… a BLOW JOB!”, lamented the new Margaret Smith.  

 “I know you sucked off the entire squad, mom,” whimpered the new teen hottie.  “They told me that they couldn’t decide which of us used their tongues better!  I’m just glad that we’re both blonde sluts together.”

“You know honey, being there for each other is what really counts.  Let’s cheer each other up and go out shopping for some stripper heels.”   

Yay!  You’re the best mom EVER!”


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sp2000 said...

Fantastic cap, Annabelle.