Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Thin Ice (Rosa + girls glide into happiness)

On Thin Ice
I had to ask.  “Richie, how in the hell did you and your boys end up here at the skating rink dressed like… THIS?”

“Well, you know how much we love hockey, Dan.  It’s been very tough knowing that the NHL is on strike.   Justin, being the oldest, was needling Andrew that he could only watch ‘sissy’ figure skating.  Well, as someone who enjoys being a sissy, I called time out.  They were on thin ice already!"

"I punished them both by having them dress as cute girls in skating outfits.  I know a little something about these kinds of transformations you know.  So, the apple doesn’t far from the tree, eh?"

"Jennifer actually got asked out for a group skate, and I think that Amy will be a heartbreaker like her big sis.  No more fighting!  And my youngest, Zachary was already pretty girly for a toddler,  and Zoey looks so cute in her pigtails.  I really have gotten into being a skating mom, and we’ve all gotten a lot closer as girls!”

“You do make a pretty cool mom, Rosalie.  And you are all very beautiful.  How about if I take you and your daughters on a skate date?”   

She grinned, took my hand, and said, "Anytime, handsome.”

So, I want to publicly thank the millionaires who both own hockey franchises and play for them.  Without your inane bickering, my future wife and stepdaughters would never have come into my life!


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