Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Now Be Honest… (Connie lets Traci know what is really true)

Now Be Honest…
“OK, Dad, now be honest…”
“Oh, you really want my opinion?”
“Absolutely.  I know this has been quite
an experience for both of us…”
“That’s an understatement, Timothy.  I mean,
it’s not every day that two men... a father and
a son no less, put on dresses,  and pad their
bras… much less wear bras, and wear wigs
 and makeup, and attempt to pass themselves
off as mother and daughter.  Especially when it
was your idea, as a way to cope with losing your
real mom and my wife to cancer last year… ”
“Well, I missed her so much, and I like to think
that acting as women, we can walk a mile…”
“In her shoes, Tim?  How cliché.  Of course,
we’re wearing heels.  Six inch heels, the kind
that make accentuate a girls backside, so that
she gets some attention.  Guys like a girl with a
little junk in the trunk, right TRACI?”
“Umm…  dad?”

“Charlie’s not here right now, darling.  But
Connie is.  Your loving mother.   And I am
so glad you suggested doing this.  Tell me,
baby, are you willing to go further with me?”
“Umm… what do you mean Da… Mom?”
“Well, do you see those handsome guys
over there.  They’re cute.  They have been
checking us out for a while.  Maybe we should
have a drink with them… maybe dinner?  How
about spending the night with them, as lovers?”
“Yikes!  Shouldn’t we slow down a bit?”
(Giggle) “Now be honest, Traci...   If you’re like me,
you have been highly aroused every since we
left that salon.   We look incredible, and we have
obviously have the attention of those studs.  Don’t
be nervous.  Women – especially beauties like us –
we are in control in the bedroom.  I want to be
worshipped , adored, and lovingly FUCKED….”
“Oh my God, that’s… that’s MY fantasy!  I  never
knew  you wanted to be a sexy T-girl, Mom!”
“I didn’t know until today, hon.  Thank you for
Sharing this with me – now let’s go share THEM.”
Mmm… I want the taller one, Mommy.”

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