Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daddy's Girls (and he's lucky to have Kellie + Lois

Daddy’s “Girls”
“Kellie, did you do your homework to… oh for God’s sakes, pumpkin… p-put some clothes on!”  I stuttered at the sight of my new step-daughter lying on her bed in her panties.  

 Lois gave me a look, and said, “Bob, it’s her room, and you just barged in on our little woman to woman chat.”  

 “Daddy!  I already finished my book report, now please, can Mommy and I have a little privacy?  Pleeeease…”  

 I bid a hasty retreat.

That night in bed, Lois and I snuggled and I apologized again for not knocking on Kellie’s door.   

“Honey, be honest,” Lois whispered, “You were standing at the door to her room,
and she was prone on her bed,  and in your mind’s eye, you  immediately thought about the penis hidden in her pretty panties.  It’s OK, babe.  We were having an
open discussion about why when her dad Lex became her mom, that she kept her genitalia.  Keith was too young to make that choice, but when she is old enough – which will be soon enough – she can decide on surgery or not.  I told her that Daddy and I both love that I am a special T-girl with our special anatomy.  Now, darling, I’m ready for you – take me NOW.”   

As we made love, my mind wandered back to Kellie’s future as a man’s woman and how “female” would she be?


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Anonymous said...

Daddy's lucky to have to lovely girls, regardless of what they have between their legs ;)