Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Paradise (Megan, Samantha, and a magic man)

In Paradise
Johnny Ballard looked at his worried employee, Melvin Della, and smiled.   

“Mel, I want to help you.   I know that it took great courage to share with me your gender feelings.  If you are a woman inside, then you are one.  I will immediately now call you Megan.  You have my full support, not just because you are my most loyal employee, but more importantly, you are a great friend and confidant.”

Megan sobbed, “Thank you, Johnny.  But there’s more to this.  You know that my bitch ex-wife has barred me from seeing our child.  He was born Sylvester, but like me, he also has a female soul.  His dream would be that he would be a pretty girl named Samantha, and that she and her mother – me, not Kara – would like happily ever after.  I so wish I could make her dream – our dream come true.”
A year later, Johnny took his wife and daughter on a Christmas vacation in Jamaica.    Sam loved her cute pink bikini, and she posed on her mom’s lap as Daddy took photos.  She was the happiest little girl in the world, and her parents’ pride & joy.

That night, Johnny’s wife Megan wrapped her body around her man as they made love in the private Jacuzzi in their suite.   

“See, being a warlock has some perks, right, baby?” Johnny grinned.   

“I agree, boss,” Megan whispered.  “Nobody – especially Kara, knows that Mel and Sylvester ever existed.  Now, how do you feel about a second child, big daddy?”

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