Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Caption Link Exchange continued....

So, I noticed that alot of the bloggers who particpated in Dee's Link Exchange not only saluted Dee, they saluted each other, including me!  I was embarrassed to not have done in kind, so here is my make-good: :)

First, I love the artistic vibe of all her work, even the rotating blog headers.  Caitlyn has a deeply erotic tone to her blog, and usually her "heroine" in the throws of an "oh yeah, being a girl ooooo so good" button pushing moment.  I definitely see this in this entry, and it strikes a chord with me as I have used dating websites, and could have taken advantage of this one.

I have known of Leeanne from her stories on various fic sites, and recently have followed her blog.  Similar to Caitlyn, her style ooze sexual heat.  Now she simply adds text to various photos, so I found this one, and liked the text.  But I am taking a little artistic license here and adding my own twist ;)


Anne has  been my friend in TG-ville for quite a while.  We both inject a lot of humor and sweetness into our work.  She has a Blogger blog and Rachel Haven's presence as well, but her Tumblr site is the most active.  She hardly "stumbles" through her work, she has great taste and panache.  And she is sweet enough to send me a few valentines over the years.  Rather than show you them, let me share a cappie that really caught me.  She has a F/S becoming M/D, but the younger one is offscreen.  A cool tale of how a family together can thrive in tough circumstance.


This link exchange brought me to a new friend; I joined Kaitlyn Renee's blog yesterday (yay).  Looks like she also mixes humor, drama, and passion very well.  This story behind this blog seems verrrrrry interesting.

As I have mentioned before, Alectra and I pretty different.  We live on different sides of the "big pond."  She's a vibrant young student who wears her heart on her sleeve.  I'm an old coot who comes across as lassiez-faire about a lot of things.  Her interests about what is hot do differ from mine.  But she and I have always had great affection for each other (it's a Hyde thing), and I get a proud thrill in reading her posts, as any "mother" would.  
In other words.... that's my BABY! :)  And she made this for me and I love her for this and for being her!


Leeanne Montgomery said...

Oh! My! God! Annabelle! That is just so hot! So fucking hot! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Happy New Year and Hot wet kiss to you,


Dee Mentia said...

So glad you were able to participate in the Christmas Links Exchange. It really seemed to raise some good old fashioned Christmas Cheer spread throughout our TG caption community.