Monday, December 10, 2012

Best of Three (a Tumblr only special post - get the link here!)

Hey ladies,
My Tumblr blog has been mimicing posting here on Blogger, as well as a way to refresh some older captions.   Towards that end, I have "rebooted" one set of three caps that appeared on this blog in 2011... and that was an extension of a cap from earlier that year... and that was the 2nd chapter of a one-off done in 2010.  I guess I like to recycle :)

A little trivia - the original "Robyn" was a real BB coach from Michigan State, and the twins were a pair of scholastic girl hoopsters.  Somehow I thought that the coach looked an awful like Larry David's TV wife and yes... I now realize that the Disney blondes I chose for her daughters are sisters, but not twins.   Oh well.

Please check out the start of my restarted story arc, with some hot new photos and a follow up on these trio's path to "victory."  The next part will be posted by next Sunday.  I would love to see some more "likes" and "reposts" on Tumblr, to make up for a lack of comments here on Blogger.   I miss Kyra :| and how about some of you making up for it huh? :p   Sorry - I'm a needy bitch I guess.  I still love you all for your support.  My # of members and views have never been higher! :)

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