Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ballin' with the Burtons (These boy-girls got game!)

BALLIN’ with the Burtons

“Listen up bitches,” said the mysterious figure.  “I know who all are. Ray and Gerald Burton, you two brothers are playground legends and played in the NBA for years.  Ray, you had three sons who all have game – Maurice, Stephen, and Cassius.  And even your boy, Wilson, was a future draft pick.  WAS, that is.  Notice some changes?”  

“On behalf of all of women you fucked – and fucked with – denying child support, abusing, and shaming, well, consider this a payback.  You like high heels, short dresses, big booty and being hoes?  It’s your lucky day girls.   And the world around you now only knows you as female.  Goodbye guys – hello, Rebecca, Giselle, Michelle, Selena, Clarice, and Winona.  Two MILF-y sisters, and four younger girls who love to party to your mommas.  And there’s a not  a player in the Association or in any of the clubs of South Beach or LA that won’t touch.  Your bodies crave cock – champagne – jewelry – attention – again, COCK.  Anytime – anywhere, any way!”

The shadowy figure grinned.  “Maybe you’ll get your own skanky reality series.  And while I hope that you sluts embarrass yourselves on national TV, maybe you’ll bond as moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces…. oh hell naw, I wanna see you former ballers getting balled!


sp2000 said...

Awesome caption, Annabelle!

Dee Mentia said...

Definitely a reality show I can get behind!