Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Extra Wish… (Macy imparts her magic on Audra)

An Extra Wish…
 Andrew Cole didn’t believe in the “nonsense” of magic lamps and genies.  But his young son Michael did.  And when Michael wished that he could be a fairy princess… Michael became the very, very  cute Princess Macy.  

Andrew was besides himself with disbelief and despair.  My son is gone!  But as a single parent, he knew he was responsible for taking care of this sweet creature.  Never mind, that Andrew knew nothing about what made little girls tick.  Somehow, in her four year old psyche, Macy knew this, and innocently evoked her second wish.  And Andrew woke up the next morning as the lovely Audra.

And subsequently pass out from shock.  Macy heard Audra hit the floor and ran in crying “Mommy, Mommy!”  A dazed Audra felt her child embrace her, and she felt a warmth and love she never dreamed could be real or true- a mother’s love!  This was her baby girl!

Audra was going to instruct Macy to wish all of the identity changes be reversed, but then she looked into the young girls eyes.  She saw the future – a golden child that would blossom as a teenager, go to college, and find her Prince Charming – perhaps they both could be that happy?”

“Whoever you are,” whispered Audra, “I wish that I be the best mommy ever… and we girls can live happily ever after!”            
And, they did.


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