Thursday, December 6, 2012

Against The Grain (Gail & Britney and blue boots?)

Against The Grain
Brent Lyon was pissed at the world.  At his dad Greg for having a midlife crisis, moving them from Cali to Kansas, to buy a wheat farm?  And now he’s pissed that they were dead men, having been caught in a F5 tornado.  But the rest is a little hazy.

He sort of remembers, like a dream, a fantasy world of “little people”, talking creatures, witches?  And these boots? Baby blue – not ruby red as you might surmise.  But baby blue is a color for boys.   

So why did Brent lose his manhood?  Why did he acquire  a pussy – tits – and become a girl?  And why did Dad also put on those boots and he became a she as well?

Back on the farm, without a scratch, but also without their birth gender, the new Gail and  Britney had to deal with new feelings.  New desires.  Their supple bodies craved a man’s touch.  Their sensitive slits needed to be filled with cock.   

Britney knew that she and Mom would be the biggest sluts in Crow County.  But she wasn’t pissed anymore – she was just so FUCKING horny!

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