Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adios, Joan! (Andrea can do for Melanie what you can't...)

Adios, Joan!

Joan: Michael Prentiss! Listen to me, young man, I am still your mother!  This “woman” is really a man who, sadly was the man who fathered you!

Melanie: I’m sorry, Mrs. Prentiss, you may have a son, but I am a young woman, in body and soul.  I just happened to have a “birth defect” just like my mommy, Andrea, did when she was younger. 

 Joan: Adam, you may be a tranny with big fake boobs, but you are still his parent.  Talk some sense into our boy and end this “defect” talk!

Andrea: Oh Joanie, you are still as clueless as ever about what MY daughter feels she needs to do.  Look, she’s 18 now, and she can make her own choices.  If you want to remain a part of our lives, you need to wake up from YOUR fantasy!

Joan storms out, “mom and daughter” embrace!

Melanie: I love you Mom, and I love hugging you and your big boobies… which reminds me, when I undergo SRS, can I get my own Double D’s?

Andrea: Of course honey!  Just keep your grades up at school, and I’ll “convince” your soon to be step-dad to pay for all of this, like he did for me.  Oh, and I’ll have to show you how to use your body to lure in and catch an awesome boyfriend!


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Well done, what a really cleverly put together story

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Thanks :x