Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Year Of Their Lives (Emma + girls pay penance)

A Year Of Their Lives
Twin boys Chad & Todd Bush sat dejected, as their punishment was now in place.  For having destroyed  thousands of dollars in art work on a field trip, the juvenile judge knew that the boys’ single Dad, Eric, didn’t want to make “sissies” out of his sons.  But sissification was  the judge ordered, not only for the youths, but for their delinquent daddy.

“Girls,” the newly demure Emma instructed, “Let’s go downstairs, and greet our guests now.”

“Yes, Mother,” said Chastity and Therese, in somber unison.

Their new public identity of  the art curator’s wife and daughters was the ultimate humiliation.  Especially for the arrogant Emma, who felt that Charles was hardly a man.  And when she reacted to his advances, he initially felt shame, but the hormones he was given took hold, and Emma began to crave her husband’s care and touch.

This change in attitude was noticed by all, including her daughters.  And they were happy, as they enjoyed the primping and the perks of being pretty little rich girls.
And after a year, neither mother or daughters shed their roles. They had been fully rehabilitated and the judge was happy that his cousin, the curator, would now have a real family… 

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