Sunday, November 25, 2012

Truth in Advertising (Kathi & Jennifer come clean)

Truth in Advertising
Kathi Ferry needed to “come clean” with the modeling agency that had hired her and her daughter, Jennifer, for this ad campaign.   

“Look, Mr. Anderson, we may look like we’re pretty girls, but we’re actually guts – father and son  - Ken and Jonah, actually.  I’ve been cross dressing since college, and it turns out my kid enjoys it too… this was a big misunderstanding when you offered us these jobs.  It’s just not worth being dishonest…”

“Kathi, I do know all about you and Jen; in fact, you two make the perfect spokesmodels for Estra Shampoo.  It’s specialized designed to help men grow lovely locks of girlish hair.  I really love how it’s brought out the natural beauty in both of you. In fact, after  we wrap up here
at 5, I’d like for you to go out with me to dinner – AND my son the lighting assistant can make it a foursome.”  

 Jen leaned in and whispered, “Mom!  That hunkand I have been flirting all day.  You better say yes, because I think you and Mr. A look pretty darn cute together.”  

 Kathi winked at Jen and said, “We’d love to join you both for a nice meal, Gary.”

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