Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Power Trio (Rockin' My Way Back - Happy Thanksgiving, Family!)

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B.B.R. PROFILE – Lana Fields, Guitar/Vocals
Age: 25   - Birth Name: Leonard Fielder
Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Edge, Buckethead
Why are you a blonde? 
 “Well, my hair was mousy brown and it was already starting to fall out.  On a goof, I trotted out a wig as a hair metal/Poison/Motley Crue goof, and in leather, everyone thought I was a chick, so I just went with it?"

Were you the influence on your family/bandmates to also go with a female identity?  
"I guess I was the umm, test case.  But Alison was clearly much girly than I was growing up.  And its not like we had a real macho role model in Dad, he was always pretty quiet at home.  We all sort of come out of our shells on stage.  Typical rocker shit, ya know?"

Who came up with the B.B.R. name?
 "Mom did, after a long weekend of jamming, and then hitting the boutiques for some stage wear.  We came up with some really strange stuff.  We almost went with “Hidden Treasures” coz it was a metaphor for our lives, and what was hiding in the panties (giggle)"

Got a boyfriend yet?   
"Yea, Curt, my tech; he’s awesome."

B.B.R. PROFILE – Alison Fields, Drums
Age: 22   - Birth Name: Alexander Fielder
Influences: Neil Peart, Dave Grohl, Mike Portnoy
Were you always a drummer? 
 “Yea, I think that as the runt of the family, I wanted to make some noise, be a little physical too.  Sort of the little man syndrome – funny shit man."

And as a girl, you seem pretty girly.   
Well, we girls can kick ass while still looking hot.  Down deep, it’s who I really am.  Even behind the kit, I look out in the crowd and I see guys just eye-fucking all of us.  You make eye contact and you know they just got real hard real quick.  So much fun…”

Lana’s got a steady guy, and you? 
 “Hey I’m young and in a rock band, I’m having some fun out here.  Lana’s dude is so sweet, and down deep, I hope all find someone that cool.  Right now, I just love taking Mom out and getting us into some trouble.  I tell her, “Let’s take some guys back on the bus and have some fun, and we laugh at how bold we’ve become.”

You’re the second B in B.B.R.  Ever change your color?  
"Fuck no; I’m the mysterious dark haired harpy!  LOL"

B.B.R. PROFILE – Rebecca Fields, Bass/Vocals
Age: 43 - Birth Name: Robert Fielder
Influences: Paul McCartney, Jaco, The Ox, Kim Gordon

In this band, do you still act like a parent or just “one of the girls”? 
 “I’m still the parent, but the motherhood role is a significant change.  It is an emotionally tighter fit than as males.  Well, male identity.  The prior life is still with us.  We enjoy our sexual duality.”

Surgery in the future?.  
 Maybe.  I think it's more likely that a boob job or face lift is in our future.  We are kinda special creatures…”

You were the last to “come out”? 
 “I had hidden away some old video of me and Carol (Rob’s late wife) messing around with me in drag.  Lana came home suddenly one day as Lana, and Ali took the cue right away to express herself.  And she had the concept – “mother/daughters tranny rock power trio”  And she said I had to be the redhead, which was cool, because I always thought that I should have been one."

  And why is that?   
“Because usually the redhead is the party girl and the troublemaker.  (laughs) And after two decades as a reliable single dad, I wanted to shake things up.  I like the power of being on stage, being with my girls, and entertaining the world.” 

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