Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swallow Your Pride (Lora/daughters hit the town HARD)

Leon Cabrera had to swallow his pride in agreeing to his honor the wager he had with his sons, Tommy and Rob.  
“I feel like an idiot,” Leon sulked as he sat for six hours in a transformation salon designed to turn the middle aged Mexican-American man into a passable, hot Latina woman.  

 Leon’s ego took a direct hit as he feast his eyes on the new him – the lovely Lora.

With her manufactured curves and hair extensions, she could have walked right off the set of your favorite telenova!  And if that wasn’t enough of a shock to the system, in walked two tartly dressed young Hispanic ladies.  

 Mami!  Damm you’re sexy,” shrieked Lora’s oldest “daughter”, Tina.  

 “We’ve been doing this for about two years, Momma,” cooed Rhea, Lora’s youngest.  “We’ve got a hot girls night out planned!”   

Despite all of these bombshells, Lora decided to go with the flow, and she slid into the limo that “her girls” had ordered for them.  After sipping some liquid courage, Lora was soon dying from laughter as Tina and Rhea told them some stories of the “sisters” in drag clubs; she always knew that mothers and daughters could be much closer than father and sons, and this seemed to be coming true. 

 At the club, they continued to have some cocktails and they all shook their Latin booties to the thumping club scene.  Guys asked them all to dance and even the new girl, Lora, found herself grinding into a hot hunk. After one dance that got a rise in Lora’s panties, she went looking for her daughters.   

She entered a room and found Tina fucking a conquest from downstairs, while Rhea was on her knees swallowing  her date’s “pride.”  Suddenly, the man Lora was dancing with was behind her, with a hand on her waist.  

 “Looks like you taught your daughters well,” he laughed. 

 Lora winked as she turned to face her new lover.  She smiled as she kissed him passionately, running her  long nails over the bulge in his trousers…

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