Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 Classy Jersey Girls (Tina & Nora exude... something)

The father and son team of Tom Butcher, 45, and Nick Butcher,  23, have finally pushed their wives to the breaking point with their boorish behavior.  Threatened with divorce, the guys have submitted to being made over as a pair of gum smacking, garishly dressed Jersey housewives.  

 Tom has been rechristened  Tina and Nick is now Nora, and they’re under direct orders to appear and act as females for the next eight weeks.  They were forced to wear gelatin inserts under their short mini dresses to give them a thick, curvy shape.  Mandatory salon time gave them both bleach blonde extensions and pouty collagen filled lips.  A special drug taken away their baritones leaving them with nasally coos and chirps, and have cost them any body hair.   

But that’s just the look and feel.  Now “Mom and Daughter” are forced to go to the mall, the super market,  and girls night out with the other hens.  This Saturday, it’s ladies night at the strip club with the Super Stallions performing.  How embarrassing!  

 Well – not so fast my friends…

“Nora – you and I are going to show those bitches that we can out party them, while showing off our bodies.  I love being a hot Jersey mama!”

“So do I Mom!  All of that juicy stripper cock is ours!  And wait til our so called wives learn we’re leaving them for our rich n’ studly boyfriends!”

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(Applauding) This was a good read. :)