Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swallow Your Pride (Lora/daughters hit the town HARD)

Leon Cabrera had to swallow his pride in agreeing to his honor the wager he had with his sons, Tommy and Rob.  
“I feel like an idiot,” Leon sulked as he sat for six hours in a transformation salon designed to turn the middle aged Mexican-American man into a passable, hot Latina woman.  

 Leon’s ego took a direct hit as he feast his eyes on the new him – the lovely Lora.

With her manufactured curves and hair extensions, she could have walked right off the set of your favorite telenova!  And if that wasn’t enough of a shock to the system, in walked two tartly dressed young Hispanic ladies.  

 Mami!  Damm you’re sexy,” shrieked Lora’s oldest “daughter”, Tina.  

 “We’ve been doing this for about two years, Momma,” cooed Rhea, Lora’s youngest.  “We’ve got a hot girls night out planned!”   

Despite all of these bombshells, Lora decided to go with the flow, and she slid into the limo that “her girls” had ordered for them.  After sipping some liquid courage, Lora was soon dying from laughter as Tina and Rhea told them some stories of the “sisters” in drag clubs; she always knew that mothers and daughters could be much closer than father and sons, and this seemed to be coming true. 

 At the club, they continued to have some cocktails and they all shook their Latin booties to the thumping club scene.  Guys asked them all to dance and even the new girl, Lora, found herself grinding into a hot hunk. After one dance that got a rise in Lora’s panties, she went looking for her daughters.   

She entered a room and found Tina fucking a conquest from downstairs, while Rhea was on her knees swallowing  her date’s “pride.”  Suddenly, the man Lora was dancing with was behind her, with a hand on her waist.  

 “Looks like you taught your daughters well,” he laughed. 

 Lora winked as she turned to face her new lover.  She smiled as she kissed him passionately, running her  long nails over the bulge in his trousers…

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 Classy Jersey Girls (Tina & Nora exude... something)

The father and son team of Tom Butcher, 45, and Nick Butcher,  23, have finally pushed their wives to the breaking point with their boorish behavior.  Threatened with divorce, the guys have submitted to being made over as a pair of gum smacking, garishly dressed Jersey housewives.  

 Tom has been rechristened  Tina and Nick is now Nora, and they’re under direct orders to appear and act as females for the next eight weeks.  They were forced to wear gelatin inserts under their short mini dresses to give them a thick, curvy shape.  Mandatory salon time gave them both bleach blonde extensions and pouty collagen filled lips.  A special drug taken away their baritones leaving them with nasally coos and chirps, and have cost them any body hair.   

But that’s just the look and feel.  Now “Mom and Daughter” are forced to go to the mall, the super market,  and girls night out with the other hens.  This Saturday, it’s ladies night at the strip club with the Super Stallions performing.  How embarrassing!  

 Well – not so fast my friends…

“Nora – you and I are going to show those bitches that we can out party them, while showing off our bodies.  I love being a hot Jersey mama!”

“So do I Mom!  All of that juicy stripper cock is ours!  And wait til our so called wives learn we’re leaving them for our rich n’ studly boyfriends!”

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Truth in Advertising (Kathi & Jennifer come clean)

Truth in Advertising
Kathi Ferry needed to “come clean” with the modeling agency that had hired her and her daughter, Jennifer, for this ad campaign.   

“Look, Mr. Anderson, we may look like we’re pretty girls, but we’re actually guts – father and son  - Ken and Jonah, actually.  I’ve been cross dressing since college, and it turns out my kid enjoys it too… this was a big misunderstanding when you offered us these jobs.  It’s just not worth being dishonest…”

“Kathi, I do know all about you and Jen; in fact, you two make the perfect spokesmodels for Estra Shampoo.  It’s specialized designed to help men grow lovely locks of girlish hair.  I really love how it’s brought out the natural beauty in both of you. In fact, after  we wrap up here
at 5, I’d like for you to go out with me to dinner – AND my son the lighting assistant can make it a foursome.”  

 Jen leaned in and whispered, “Mom!  That hunkand I have been flirting all day.  You better say yes, because I think you and Mr. A look pretty darn cute together.”  

 Kathi winked at Jen and said, “We’d love to join you both for a nice meal, Gary.”

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Family Vices (Rachel & Ellen, on "patrol")

Officer Russ Howe: Dad, I can’t believe after 25 years on the force, that you still go on patrol, undercover in full DRAG.  And you look so fucking hot to boot!

Sgt. Eddie Howe: And you seem to have inherited my sexy legs GIRL!  I could never handle a desk job.  Now remember our cover – I’m Ellen and you’re my daughter Rachel, so you need to call me Mom, OK.  We’re posing as two transsexual prostitutes, turning tricks here on the Boulevard.  We’re trying to collect enough evidence to convict our “pimp”, Tony T.  Now, what do you say if a potential John wants to pick you up and you give him a blow job in his car?

Rachel: $50 – and an additional $50 if he wants to go down on my “clitoris.”

Ellen:  Good girl!  Now much does it cost for him to fuck you in the ass?

Rachel: $100 in the car, but for $500 he gets both of us and the hotel room thrown in for the night.  Plus another $100 if we put on a “show” for him, Mom.

Ellen: Yeah but that’s usually something Tony “arranges” for his mobster friends or the athletes he has connections with.  Did you enjoy that weekend in Vegas we spent with the guys from our hometown basketball team, honey?

Rachel:  Fuck yea, especially since we have season tickets for their games.  So Mom, I was wondering… won’t Internal Affairs or the brass upstairs come down on us for really whoring ourselves out instead of busting perps and going after Tony?

Ellen: Rachel, you’re such a blonde bimbo!  Who do you think Tony’s biggest customer is?  Chief Taylor is!  Don’t you remember when he came to your 18th birthday party, and he spent the night with us?  He loves shemales like you and me!

Rachel:  Hey you’re  a blonde bimbo too Mom!  And he’s been so nice to me ever since he coached me in Little League.  He’s been so kind to us, hasn’t he?

Ellen:  Yea, Warren is a great friend, boss, and good God, that man’s dick is HUGE!  Speaking of which…  

Hey buddy, looking for a good time tonight?  You got your choice– mother, daughter, or both of us whores if you can handle it! ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Until Next Time... (Bikinis for Bridget & 3 daughters...)

Until Next Time…

Blake Carlin often looked at this picture on his iPhone.  His beautiful  daughters  - Charlotte, Tabitha, and  Serena – along with their
gorgeous mother…

You might assume that Blake took this picture.  He didn’t , because on this day – he was a she.  The showers at that well known water park had turned rough & tumble Blake into the slinky Bridget.  And, as you can see, Bridget was very comfortable in that tiny bikini.  As where her sons…

That’s right.  A few hours before this picture was taken, Clay, Trent, and Sean Carlin were also transformed by the same magic that Mom used.  This picture was taken by a water park staff member who emailed it to Blake when he and the boys came home from vacation.

This year, the Carlins are definitely going back for the whole summer.  Who will be kissed first – Bridget or one of her daughters?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Power Trio (Rockin' My Way Back - Happy Thanksgiving, Family!)

One Night Only – B.B.R.Live Hard Rock – Tickets on Sale

B.B.R. PROFILE – Lana Fields, Guitar/Vocals
Age: 25   - Birth Name: Leonard Fielder
Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Edge, Buckethead
Why are you a blonde? 
 “Well, my hair was mousy brown and it was already starting to fall out.  On a goof, I trotted out a wig as a hair metal/Poison/Motley Crue goof, and in leather, everyone thought I was a chick, so I just went with it?"

Were you the influence on your family/bandmates to also go with a female identity?  
"I guess I was the umm, test case.  But Alison was clearly much girly than I was growing up.  And its not like we had a real macho role model in Dad, he was always pretty quiet at home.  We all sort of come out of our shells on stage.  Typical rocker shit, ya know?"

Who came up with the B.B.R. name?
 "Mom did, after a long weekend of jamming, and then hitting the boutiques for some stage wear.  We came up with some really strange stuff.  We almost went with “Hidden Treasures” coz it was a metaphor for our lives, and what was hiding in the panties (giggle)"

Got a boyfriend yet?   
"Yea, Curt, my tech; he’s awesome."

B.B.R. PROFILE – Alison Fields, Drums
Age: 22   - Birth Name: Alexander Fielder
Influences: Neil Peart, Dave Grohl, Mike Portnoy
Were you always a drummer? 
 “Yea, I think that as the runt of the family, I wanted to make some noise, be a little physical too.  Sort of the little man syndrome – funny shit man."

And as a girl, you seem pretty girly.   
Well, we girls can kick ass while still looking hot.  Down deep, it’s who I really am.  Even behind the kit, I look out in the crowd and I see guys just eye-fucking all of us.  You make eye contact and you know they just got real hard real quick.  So much fun…”

Lana’s got a steady guy, and you? 
 “Hey I’m young and in a rock band, I’m having some fun out here.  Lana’s dude is so sweet, and down deep, I hope all find someone that cool.  Right now, I just love taking Mom out and getting us into some trouble.  I tell her, “Let’s take some guys back on the bus and have some fun, and we laugh at how bold we’ve become.”

You’re the second B in B.B.R.  Ever change your color?  
"Fuck no; I’m the mysterious dark haired harpy!  LOL"

B.B.R. PROFILE – Rebecca Fields, Bass/Vocals
Age: 43 - Birth Name: Robert Fielder
Influences: Paul McCartney, Jaco, The Ox, Kim Gordon

In this band, do you still act like a parent or just “one of the girls”? 
 “I’m still the parent, but the motherhood role is a significant change.  It is an emotionally tighter fit than as males.  Well, male identity.  The prior life is still with us.  We enjoy our sexual duality.”

Surgery in the future?.  
 Maybe.  I think it's more likely that a boob job or face lift is in our future.  We are kinda special creatures…”

You were the last to “come out”? 
 “I had hidden away some old video of me and Carol (Rob’s late wife) messing around with me in drag.  Lana came home suddenly one day as Lana, and Ali took the cue right away to express herself.  And she had the concept – “mother/daughters tranny rock power trio”  And she said I had to be the redhead, which was cool, because I always thought that I should have been one."

  And why is that?   
“Because usually the redhead is the party girl and the troublemaker.  (laughs) And after two decades as a reliable single dad, I wanted to shake things up.  I like the power of being on stage, being with my girls, and entertaining the world.” 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quiet for a few weeks (but I will be back soon!)

Hi everyone!  Yes, I am taking another breather - I now plan these to match times where I am actually out of pocket.  I am fine, and I still have the "fire" to do this, although after doing it so long, I do worry about running out of material or ideas.  

I sure that by the time I come back, some familiar faces get back in the swing of things.  You know who you are!  But most of all, I hope that I get the chance to tell you how much your appreciation of me has touched me.  This is a fantasy, but the love is real, ladies :)

So I leave you with this image, which is a sneak peek into a story I am writing about myself and my most loyal follower, commenter, and  banter-er    -er... dearest Kyra.  I'm on the left, and the cutie in the pigtails is my darling daughter.  So... why are we naked, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, tit to tit?

You'll just have to find out.  Ciao!  See you in a wee bit....