Saturday, October 13, 2012

Too Tipsy for Heels? (Wendi & Amber: Damsels in Dis-Dress)

Too tipsy for heels?

Alex Clark had been open with his feeling of femininity for about 4-5 years; Alex, rather Amber, felt that he took after his single dad William.  Will tried to act tough and badgered Alex to give up on his drag lifestyle; finally, Amber had enough and dared Will to “be tough enough” to walk a mile in her shoes.   

And so, one Saturday night, “Wendi” joined Amber after Will left her shave his body, apply a realistic faux bosom, and try on those 4” pumps.  Not only did Amber prove her theory that Wendi was just as much of a gurl as she was, she was proved her fortitude.   

A few too many “screaming orgasms” made Wendi a little too tipsy in her heels.  After her “Mom” passed out on the street, Amber texted those two studs they met at the bar.

When Wendi regained consciousness , a smiling Amber cooed, “Mom, you slipped and fell, so Max and Nate here were kind of enough to help you find your BALANCE.”  

Wendi grinned, “How sweet; honey, why don’t you help me thank them properly?” :)

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Anonymous said...

Seems Wendi might be a bit too enthusiastic with her new femininity ;) I'm sure Amber will help her find a healthy balance