Thursday, October 11, 2012

They’re Taking It So Well! (Darcie's school chum changes the reality)

They’re Taking It So Well!

Fifteen year old Isaac Gresham just wanted to use his mega brain to help his buddy David Drew and his family through the challenges of the past year.  Dave’s dad Troy had been unemployed for over a year, and his grandpa Murray was facing mandatory retirement from the school system after 30 years of teaching.    

Mr. Gresham had always encouraged Isaac to develop his acumen for biosciences, but he probably wasn’t ready to be exposed to the genetic compound that Isaac gave him to review for the upcoming lab exam.  Murray left the school that day early returning to the Drew house where it seemed that Dave and Troy had caught a cold from Gramps.  It wasn’t a cold, and they weren’t themselves the next morning.   

The school administrators didn’t quite know what to do with the newly femmed family, but they went ahead with the planned retirement party for Murray – err, make that Margaret.  When Maggie showed up at the party in a slinky red dress, with “Tanya” and “Darcie” in tow (also glammed), Isaac buried his head in his hands in shame.   

His buddy consoled him, “We’re all taking it pretty well, Ike.  In fact, Mom and Grandma told me that now that we’re girls, we better get used to going out with guys.  Let’s dance, babe.”

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see they're taking it so well! I'd hate for such a well intentioned action to cause them distress.