Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Longs and The Shorts (Gina and girls: "Size matters!")

The LONGS and the SHORTS of it…

“You and your boys have been great sports about this, Glenn,” noted Ted Long to his business partner, Glenn Short.  

 It seemed natural that two guys named Long & Short made a pretty good team of lawyers.  The fact that Ted was about a foot taller than Glenn added to the coincidence.  The friends and partners were divorced but each had two sons – Ray and Joe Long were even taller than their dad, and both dwarfed Mike & Eddie Short. 

 Despite this, the Short guys often challenged the Longs to 3 on 3 basketball or football, with the expected results.  Trash talking ensued, and one game ended with Ted’s clan deciding on  an unusual vacation prank.  However, the results were sort of shocking...

“Now, Ted, please call me Gina,” smirked Ted’s friend, who faced him newly acquired blonde hair and large tits; she looked more like a hot mom than a hotshot lawyer.   

“In planning this trip, we were angry at always being – well – too Short to be tough guys like you.  So my new daughters and I said – why fight it?  The transgender salon we visited really did a number on us, with some hormones, hair extensions, and padding in the right spot.  We’re pretty damm sexy, Ted, aren’t we?  Maria and Erin make me so proud to be their Mom, and they are now frolicking on the beach with Ray & Joe, with plans on seducing their best friends… just like I am doing now.  Oh Teddy…”

While kissing her conquest, Gina found out that Ted was not only a LONG guy, he had some girth.  So did his sons, her girls learned!


Anonymous said...

They make such lovely couples! It's almost like they were all made for each other. :)

Joanne said...

Interesting plot idea.