Saturday, October 27, 2012

Proper Conditioning (Clarissa + Lois are fit and flirty)

Proper Conditioning
Colin Flaherty came by his obesity easily – his dad Leo was also overweight and a natural poor role model for the teenager.   Tired of the abuse and ridicule, the duo checked into a new program designed to “reshape” their bodies with a proper diet and conditioning program.   

Most of the fat melted away but mostly on the stomach; a lot stayed on the chest and hips.  Must have been that unique low cal diet, laden with estrogen.   The unique work out of aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and even Kegel exercises took a lot of pounds off and made them lithe and flexible.
The daily spa also gave them smooth skin and an inner serenity that most guys never experienced.  But they were not like most guys anymore.  They had interesting  dreams – such as strutting around in tiny bikinis like a hot mother and daughter would, seeking a studly lifeguard to seduce.   

Within 60 days, Clarissa and Lois were ready to make those dreams come true, and they giggled in whispers as they chatted about which dudes had what they wanted!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's best to ensure a full change in a person's life style. As expected, all these changes are for the better ;)

Jodie Hyde said...

Now that's a program that offers a true change in diet. From fattening foods and sofa, to hard cock and a cardio workout. That's the best program ever!