Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Lessons In Lingerie (Amber studies Sally's motives)

Our Lessons In Lingerie
 3 years ago, I was  transitioning  from Stan from Sally, and my body  was changing from the hormones I was taking, I knew that my son, Aaron, was watching in amazement as his quite normal father was turning into a curvy brunette he would forever call Mom.  

 I had a feeling that he was contemplating his own identity, so after he made Honor Society, I treated him to a little lingerie fashion show , including a wig, jewelry, and silky  bra and panty set for his sexy girl-self , Amber.

“Wow, Mom, look, even I have boobs, even though yours are …” 

“Big and bouncy huh?” I cooed, as we both laughed and hugged.   

That night, Amber and I had a significant girl to girl chat; I admitted that I was going to take this silky teddy on my getaway weekend with my new beau Jon; this led to a marathon discussion on  the birds and bees!  

 Amber soon became a permanent member of the family, and when she graduated with a 3.95 GPA from HS this year, I bought her what she would wear on her “first night” with her guy Greg.  Her new step-dad paid for her surgery as he had for mine!

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