Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MOTB Tales: Return to Hammers (A Family that "Drags" together...)

MOTB Tales: Return to Hammers

It’s not unusual for a bachelor party to end up at a strip club.  Just not at the Hammers All-Male Dance Show .  So, how did the groom, his best men brother , groomsmen cousins, and groom’s dad and uncle end up in as hotties in front of big Günter here?
Simple.  This family owns and operate the city’s top tranny revue nightclub, so the boys are used to wearing tight dresses, heels, & wigs.  The dads – moms tonight – started this tradition with their weddings – and now it’s Julian (Jessica).   

The only ones not in on the joke?  The hunky Hammer Heads, who are looking forward to having their “hammers” polished by these sexy bitches tonight!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: “Aunt Mary” (Uncle Mark), “Cousin Cindy” (Charlie), Best Man “Sister Debbie” (Brother Dennis), “Cousins Zoe & Jackie” (Zack & Jim, standing), the Groom Jesssica (Julian) and “MOTB Angela” (groom’s dad Anthony)

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Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call a bachelor party! I'm sure the girls can't wait for the next wedding ;)

Also. "The hammer is my penis." -Captain Hammer