Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MOTB: Dr. Steve’s Story (starring Michelle & Tiara in white)

MOTB Tales: Dr. Steve’s Story

School psychologist Dr. Stephen Jacoby had called for a meeting with young Tyler Getting and his mother, Michelle, to discuss the bullying that Tyler was getting at Brady Junior High.  Dr. Steve had studied a great deal about how to diagnose transgender children, and it seemed that Tyler was the classic case of a young girl living in the body of a boy.  He didn’t know how Tyler or Michelle would react to this news.

“Thank you, Doctor,” cried Michelle, “Sweetie, I know all about Tiara, the girl that you are inside.  I have been monitoring your chat room activities and I know about
the journal you have kept.  Please, let Dr. Steve and I help you live the life you need to!”

“Mommy,” Tiara sobbed as they hugged, and Steve couldn’t help but be drawn to this family, as he planned a meeting later with Michelle to go over the care Tiara would receive.   At the meeting, Michelle dropped her own bombshell.   

 “Doctor, I was born Morris Reynolds, and I actually fathered Tyler with his birth mom , who died later that year.  I know what it’s like to grow up  knowing how my baby feels.  But I have never told her I need your help in telling her the truth.”   

Steve helped Michelle find the strength to share her story with Tiara, who shared
a special bond with her Mom.  Steve  was so touched by both their tales, it is
easy to see why several years later,  Steve married Michelle on the beach, with Tiara as the happy maid of honor!

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Anonymous said...

I can only wish that there were more stories like this one. More psychologists adept at identifying and helping transgendered people, and more lovely ladies and beautiful young girls to show others that its possible to become who you dream you are.