Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MADAME JAE’S: The Real Shemales of Hollywood (Go "West" Young Men)


Madame Jae’s Hollywood opened in 2012, and to build some hype for the salon/social club catering to transgirl families, TGT had launched the new reality series “The Real Shemales of Hollywood.   

Meet  Jake West, a 61 year old carpenter from Pasadena.  Meet Dennis West, CPA, age 40 and Jake’s only son.  Finally, meet Aaron West , 19, Dennis’s only son &
computer science major at UC Riverside.   

Hand picked by the producers, the three Woods had never dressed in drag before, much less had any “deviant” thoughts.  But the series premiere gave viewers a birds eye view of the MJ process.  Father, son, and grandson are pampered and prepped and fed the magic “Jae Juice.”   

Within a week, they are blonde, busty, bubbly and bonding as a family. 

Behold – JOY, the shapely silver fox; DAPHNE, the glamorous sexpot; ASHLEE, the California hottie and teenage dream.  No “real” women in Cali looked so alluring – and they know it. 

This sense of female pride is new, and so are the desires they all have now.  Men. Handsome men.  Men who will take their breath away.  Men they can seduce and manipulate with their amazing new bodies.   

Who do you want – the flirty young hottie – her seductive mother – or her  vixen of a grandmother?  Watch this season as they live a life they never dreamed – and visit the new MJ Hollywood!


Anonymous said...

They're all so very lovely, but I doubt it'll take you three guesses to find which one I envy most ;)

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Let me guess... the blonde :p :)

Ryan Applegate said...

How what is ther before pics?