Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Madame Jae's presents: Miranda and Paige are Ready (for a new sensation)

Miranda and Paige are READY

“How does this shade of lipstick look, Mom?” I asked the woman who previously had been my father, Mike Avery.   

“Very sexy, my dear,” she purred.“Paige, that will look so nice all over Tommy.”   
 “All over, huh?” I smirked, and we both giggled nervously.  

 I exhaled forcefully and she gave me the “What’s up?” look.   

“I… look… this is definitely something I never thought I would ever… think off..”

She put her arm on my shoulder.  Our soft bare skin touching, she used her painted finger to fluff my blonde hair and she kissed my forehead.   

“Hey, I certainly never saw myself as a woman, getting ready to be intimate with her man.  To be sure, part of it is the Jae Juice, and the hormonal effect.  But it is me – Miranda Avery – a Madame Jae’s woman, a wonderfully happy mother and Joe’s devoted girlfriend.  I’m proud of who I have become, only second to how proud I am of you, whether you were going to stay as Patrick or as the beautiful young lady you have become.  Whatever you want to do tonight, you enjoy yourself, OK, honey?"  

 I leaned into her bosom – the one that the Juice had given both of us, and I momentarily thought of my date, his hard body, and how lucky we were to be the girls tonight.   

“I’m ready for everything, for him… and I love you Mom!”


Anonymous said...

They are two very lucky girls! Joe and Tommy are almost as lucky, having such lovely ladies as their dates. Almost.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

In this "Madame" universe, the girls are unrealistically hot, self assured, fierce, submissive, prissy, confident, loving, and frank. The J-Club men find that in order to woo a Jae girl, they need to be the perfect guy. Courtship is a must, and then they must be able to please each other. Even the young ladies understand that - why? because they look to their mothers, sisters, et al... If only life had this much support eh?