Saturday, October 6, 2012

Intoxicating (Alice & Bridget have a thirst to be quenched)

Recovering alcoholic Andrew was livid at his son Brandon’s recent arrest for public intoxication, and his wild behavior was a huge concern for him.  And Brandon’s college buddy Donovan was such a bad influence on him.   

So Andrew made the boys a deal – if they stayed in with him this night to watch the game, and he their car keys in the freezer, then he’d let them enjoy a few beers.  They agreed, but Donovan had a sinister ulterior motive.  He had brought some “Red Bull” with him and he convinced Andrew to break out the Jagermeister for some shots.  Only

 it wasn’t Red Bull – it was some sort of sweet smelling elixir that he got from this British wench, and after two shots, father and son zonked out.  Two hours later, MOTHER and DAUGHTER woke up, and they woke up horny.  

 Alice groaned lustily as Bridget rolled her tongue on the head of her buddy’s fat cock.   

“Save some for Mommy, baby,” cooed the blonde MILF.   

This new addiction would require therapy, and Donovan was more than willing to administer the medicine…

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Anonymous said...

As intoxicating as it is, Id hardly call this new addiction a problem ;) And to think its all thanks to that lovely Brit whom I love and miss dearly.