Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hot Blonde Alert! (Renee, Deanna, and introducing...)

Hot Blonde Alert!

Roger Caldwell and his son  Danny always enjoyed the weekends they spent dressed in drag.  They always made such beautiful women, and they played up their roles as hot blondes and to every man with a pulse, they were a mom/daughter pair with amazing looks and long sexy legs!

Do you prefer the stunning cougar or the gorgeous younger hottie?  I’m sure many a T-girl fantasy come to mind…

Well, guys, this duo just became a trio, but you will need to show a little more respect for this family.  Danny’s son Tyler just made his debut as a leggy blonde.  However, Tammy is only five, and she has a 9:00 bedtime.  She loves playing with her dollies, skipping rope, and shopping for pretty dresses with her Grandmom Renee and her Mommy Deanna.  

 She may be years away from her first date, but if she “develops” like her role models, all I can say is – watch out, boys!

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Anonymous said...

I think I see a future heart breaker with those two lovely t-girls :)