Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good News... (you get two caps with this post) Bad News.. (I'm a year older today hmmph)

Good News…
“Well, I hope that  spending the last month as women has taught you both a valuable lesson,” Cindy Sharpe said to her boss Lewis Cutter, 48, and his son and heir apparent, Kyle Cutter, 24.   

Cindy had been sexually harassed for the last time, and rather than call the authorities, she used her black magic to transform the gender of the two macho wannabes.  The world now knew Cutter Services, LLC  as a woman-owned and managed firm.  

 “Cindy, don’t change us back,” pleaded young Kelli .  “Mom and I are actually finding much more successful as businesswomen.”  

 “As women, period, "cooed Linda.  “We’re giving you a raise and a promotion, and we want to celebrate with a girls night out!” 

Cindy was so happy so cried.  She was going to restore their manhood, but she gladly let them stay as mother and daughter.

Bad News…
Cindy cried when she bonded with the President and Vice President of her company after their transformation to beautiful, happy women.  She screamed bloody murder when she found Linda and Kelli in bed – with HER  boyfriend Max!  

 It seems that the former father and son were still scoundrels at heart.  At least, they were not backstabbing each other.  Linda felt guilty having turned them into women, so she did not punish them, rather she cast two love spells and within thirteen months, both new ladies were married to a couple of hunks who could satisfy these wildcats.   

As far Max… well, let’s just say that Cindy took out her frustration on her ex-boyfriend.  Meredith is Cindy’s personal assistant by day… and personal bitch by night!


Anonymous said...

Somethings just never change! Lets hope those hunks can keep up with the two new sluts ;)

Happy Birthday Mom! *hugs* Why didn't you tell me your birthday was coming up? I'll try to make something for you this weekend to celebrate! <3 Kyra

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it's pretty cool that we get two presents on your birthday. I hope it's a happy one.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Eh I guess I brought it up to get some attention :) Not moping about but not really hyped about it anyhoo. Thanks to both of u sweeties xxoo