Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Femme-o-Ween 2012: Proud to Represent TG and PBS!

Femme-O-Ween 2012
 My name was Cliff Copeland, but three years ago, I changed my name to Carla Copeland.  Some might say I changed more than that.  But I just merely fixed what “birth defect” I had.  Now before I did that, I was a married man, and before she left to “find herself”, my ex-wife gave me the greatest gift in the world.  My child, born Heath Copeland.  

Since my ex apparently doesn’t want to be part of either of our lives, I am more than happy to be my baby’s mother.  The great thing about this country is that no matter who are born as, you can go on to be the person you truly are.  That is the value I want to instill in my child. 

Unfortunately, I see threats to our individualism, and our right to freedom of expression.  I have always been a woman, and the day my angel said to me, “Mommy, I want to be a girl too,” I knew that we would together stand up to closed minded individuals.  

 It’s ironic that Election Day is right after Halloween.  In a recent debate, one candidate felt that Big Bird was – ell, not important.  But my Helena LOVES Sesame Street, and she picked our costumes this year.  My darling baby girl is the cutest Cookie Monster!   

And as far as my getup – I think I’ll wear this to the polls, because I can.  God bless America.  Also, my boyfriend said he had some “candy” for me… :)


Dee Mentia said...

Wonderful caption. Reminds me of that true story in Germany I think it was where the dad wore a dress so his son wouldn't feel weird wearing a dress that he so wanted to wear.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

I had heard about that story Dee, and I bet it was resonating with me when I came up with this. Well that and the Big Bird reference. Alas, costume companies had no time to create a "binder" costume ;)

Anonymous said...

AH! Such a cutey cookie monster!! She's absolutely adorable, and Mom is rocking the Big Bird ;)

I can't wait for all the fun costumes I'll get to wear as a girl.