Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Femme-o-Ween 2012: Follow the Yellow Brick.... Hoes?

Femme-O-Ween 2012
“OK, so Andy Ferry is coming as the cowardly lion and he’s actually OK with Garrett dressed as Dorothy?  Boy that will be a train wreck,” guffawed Nestor Wallis, who was decked out as Baum‘s famous tin man.  

“Hey he lost a bet, Dad,” snickered Brendon Wallis, Nestor’s college age son.  “He’s kind of skinny, so he might be able to pull it – HOLY SHIT – is that him and who’s that other…”  

 A gorgeous leggy brunette dressed as Dorothy Gale sauntered  up to her long time neighbors.  

 “Hi guys,” cooed Gretchen. “What  do you think of my costume?  And look, here comes MOM, and she’s finally found the courage  to be herself.”  

Already slack jawed at the youngster’s debut as a hot T-girl co-ed, they were blindsided by the curvaceous MILF that Ava Ferry had become, in a lion costume that was FIERCE – not simpering.

Three hours later, Nestor had Ava screaming, “Make me purr baby!,” as the tin man thrust into her round rear “pussy.”   

Down the hall, Gretchen stroked Brendan’s cock as she wrapped a leg around his torso, whispering,  “There’s no place like your bed, scarecrow…”


Evie said...

Hot hot hot! I love both outfits and your description in this one was mmmmh, soooo delicious.

I'm definitely off to see the Wizard to see if he can help me look as hot as those two!

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Thanx :)

Kyra Hyde said...

A lovely trip over the rainbow! That lion is anything but cowardly, and I'm sure Dorothy will be clicking her heels together all night long ;)