Sunday, October 14, 2012

“Aunt” Lisa and “Cousin” Katie (A new family dynamic)

“Aunt” Lisa and “Cousin” Katie
The Goldberg  family was originally Lonnie and his wife Joan, and their twins, Kyle and Morgan.   When they were young, the family did take vacations together, but lately, father and son were going off on their own to go fishing or on a road trip to watch baseball, or ride ATVs in the wilderness,  while the girls would simply be content to book a trip to a resort where only women were welcome and could be pampered with spa time.   

This year, the guys were going to hike in the mountains, but heavy rains made the trails impassable, so they were looking at staying at home.  They were pissed.

Joan had an unique solution – and she apparently had been contemplating a change for some time.   

“I’m tired of being a wife who never does anything with her husband.  I’d be better off with my sister Lisa, as two single women who enjoy shopping, pampering, and maybe chasing some young studs.”

Morgan grinned at her twin, “And I’d rather have my cute cousin  Katie who I can hang out with, checking out cute guys and having fun at the resort, rather than a twin brother who I have little in common with.”

As the Goldberg girls  spoke, the guys felt lethargic and fell asleep on the couch.  When they woke, they knew that they had changed – and they weren’t upset.  The new Katie snuggled up close to Lisa and the closeness they had as father and son was now a deeper mother/daughter bond.  

A week later, the now fully female foursome were enjoying themselves by the pool.  Morgan snapped a picture of her aunt and cousin as the gorgeous brunettes rocked their tiny bikinis.   Judy had already made plans for dinner out, and a visit to a nightclub, to see how they would react to men!


Anonymous said...

How did you know that I occasionally fall asleep imagining you talk about how much you'd love to spend time with your daughter, Kyra? My dreams shaped by talk of shopping trips, lunch dates, topless beaches, and picking up men at bars.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

You need to make that dream a reality -r or at least tell me the rest of the story about that dream. Tell me, are we picking up the same guy? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna do everything I can to turn that into reality *hugs* It's only the same guy when he's very, very lucky ;)