Sunday, October 28, 2012

Any Given Sunday (Olivia "coaches up" Hannah)


Hank: Jesus, Dad, again?!  You and your love of the Buffalo Bills has gotten you in trouble.  How could bet all of that money on them?  Sergio will collect , & that  means…

Oscar:  And that means it’s time for Olivia to come out to the sports bar again, and show one of Sergio’s clients a good time.  She’s the ultimate football party girl!  Go Bills!

Hank: Do you actually enjoy putting on a wig, lipstick and makeup, go-go boots, and a Bills jersey, and sucking those goons’ cocks?  What a fucking spectacle you … oh no…
SHIT!   The Packers just gave up that late touchdown and won’t cover.  I bet $5,000…

Olivia:  And Sergio will come after your ass now, sweetie.  You know, I may be able to convince him that my darling DAUGHTER will be on hand to help me entertain next week!

Hank: You are out of your fucking mind, old lady – err man,!  I’m not going to dress
Olivia:  Dress like a slut, HANNAH?  Tell me baby “girl”, what other choice do you have?  Don’t worry, Mom will give you this little pink pill they gave me to curb those nasty male inhibitions!


Hannah: Hey handsome!  I’m new here but my hot Mom Olivia says she knows you REAL well.  She says you like special girls like us who are into football, and “going under center” if you know what I mean! (giggle)  And GO Pack GO!  Hey, you look like our QB!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if those pink pills help fuel a gambling problem as well? Oh well, Olivia and Hannah seem to have the right idea. If I ever go to a football party, you can expect me to spend most of the game under the table ;)

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Kyra, consider the odds:

Winner: you make some money, and buy some hot shoes, and you end up with some nice cock!

Lose: you get femmed, and you are desperate to buy some cute pumps. You wear them whenever you want some nice cock!

The true win/win scenario!